Posted: May 10, 2022 3:15pm

I had a huge party this weekend and couldn’t find a dress to wear!

I ended up wearing one that I have had for years, why?  Because the party lasted a few hours, I spent most of it on the dance floor and I would rather keep my cash for items that I wear day in, day out, than a one-off event.

Buying pre-owned is the ONLY way for 99% of us to be able to afford brands such as Balenciaga and Chloe, it is also the best way to buy mid tier brands such as BA&SH.  It is so depressing to spend £200 on a dress only to see it land in the sales at £125.  At the same time I would really recommend thinking about what you buy and aim high.  It is prudent to do your own research, find those gaps in your wardrobe that need filling, focus on items that you have worn again and again and buy better versions of these.

Also, look outside the box, you may really want a Gucci disc bag or a Celine trio but the Louboutin bag we have featured is far better value for money, and it is something a little different.  Social media wants us to follow the crowd, I say, do your own research.  The Fendi clutch on our collage is brand new, was purchased for over £4,000 and it is yours for £2,900; you can also DM Sarah on 07464 153 695 and she can go through any questions you may have on a bag you are thinking of purchasing.

We are also delighted to be able to bring you brands such as RAEY, which seldom go on sale and we go the extra mile to help you with sizing your online orders.

London’s Best Online Pre-loved Store RELOVED AGAIN

We also try and find emerging brings to bring you the best of what’s new, such as the exquisite pink Masterpeace dress featured.

The Chloe boots featured are also an amazing example of the investment pieces you can find.  They are NEW, cost over £900; yours for £410.

We also have a wide array of Rixo pieces which we get in regularly and they are all up to 60% off.

The temperatures are rising this week. we are ready to kick start your Spring with a wide edit of the best designer dresses.

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Hear more about our story Join our mailing list and receive 10% off your first order