Posted: January 13, 2016 10:45am

Before you think I have lost the plot, no this is not really about getting naked… but I do think that there is a big difference about how we feel in our clothes (normally fine) to how we feel about being undressed, or say less dressed, like on a beach.

I have also noticed that  I am starting to be less willing to show my arms  or wear swimwear and I felt myself accepting this as part of ageing.

But is it? Or am I just giving up?

My expectations are realistic, I am not looking to be Elle Macpherson. I just want to be able to bend down to pick up my kids by the pool, without first reaching for a towel to cover myself. I also want to be able to have the odd cake and glass of wine.

2016 the end hiding in a Bikini
2016 the end of  hiding in a Bikini

I have no intention of parading around the beach or pool without a kaftan… to be honest, I wasn’t doing that in my twenties either.

Getting older, I feel gravity is working against me and I felt my self widening around the middle area in particular – not to mention my hips.

I think you have to be ready to make a change and I am. I have put time a side, as it is not just about how I look , I also want to feel stronger too.

Having the mindset to push yourself  is key. We do it at work and with our families, but I have not been doing this with exercise. I know lots of my friends who are the same… we exercise, but probably at 70% of what we could achieve, if we really put our minds to it.

Using my time better and getting results is what I want, and hitting 45, I feel it is now or never.

Quest to Get a Flat Stomach
Quest to Get a Flat Stomach

Helen, a friend of mine, with one of the best bodies I know who is not an exercise bore, has been telling me about Heartcore for months.

With Heartcore launching near my home, and so many of my friends swearing by the results, I have signed up.

Heartcore Pilates



I kicked off with The Barre Class. It is a a kind of circuit training, with lots of squats, press ups and barre work. It was hard but I was sharing the class with an 8 month pregnant lady who got through it.  As there is lots of different exercise the time sped by and I came out with my limbs gently aching.

Next I tried the Dynamic Pilates, with Heartcore owner Jess. This was a challenge, but Jess guided me through and I felt she was only pushing me to do something my body could do. Where I would have given up, I trusted Jess, and I worked harder and I did it.



This is what it really is about, working harder. Normally when I exercise I am thinking about work or the jobs I need to do, but at Heartcore I focused ( I had to ) on my body and getting the most out of it.

The people were of all fitness levels and I didn’t feel like an outsider. Heatcore is very inclusive and avoid the cliquishness of a lot of other gyms and studios.

I was on a high all day – my body was sore, but in a good way, and I felt energised.

I am committing to three to four classes a week, and in addition to the Dynamic Pilates and Barre, I will be trying TRX. I know it is a lot of time but when I think of all the time I spent watching Box Sets or on instagram, I know I have no excuse.

It also helps that the people running the studio are the friendliest and most welcoming I have ever met in a fitness studio and they want you to succeed .

Heartcore Communal Area

If you are in London, pop into their St Johns Wood branch and pick up a 10 session card for the reformer for now, available for one hundred pounds – there is no excuse as this is superb value.

The studio is bathed in light and there is a welcoming LA vibe about the place, and  for the first time in years, I believe that I will get stronger and fitter . I will give you regular updates along the way. I promise no annoying smoothie pictures or me in cropped tops!

These windows cannot but inspire you


Cowshed like Changing rooms

I’d love to know what routines have worked for you. I know that many swear by walking and I have got myself a Fitbit,which I am addicted too.

Heartcore Pilates


This is not a sponsored post.

I am wearing Lorna Jane Active wear from Active in Style, and jacket from Veronica Beard. I love this brand, check out an older post for more details.

Love to see you there and say hello please !

Here are the details for Heartcore which have studios all around London – look on their website  if you want to get hold of the 10 classes for one hundred pounds offer you have to  do this in person in the St Johns Wood Studio. You can take the classes anywhere and they are only valid for January.






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