Posted: December 8, 2015 7:29am

I am not one to lust after jewellery, but a lot of  readers have asked me to feature it so I am delighted to kick off my jewellery section with Adorno London, perfectly timed for Christmas.

When I was young, I loved looking in my mothers jewellery box, but my poor daughter will find little to play with.

2016 for me is about ‘Investment Pieces’ that will stand the test of time and that I can wear every day, be they jewellery or clothing.

Adorno is all about beautiful diamonds in great settings, classic pieces you can wear all the time.  Adrienne and Susi from Adorno only choose the whitest diamonds, everything is set in 18 carat gold and they use the finest craftsman – so the pieces are exquisite. As they cut out the middle man the prices are a lot lower than you would find for an equivalent piece on the Highstreet.

2015-11-26 22.34.40

This necklace is called the and Tree of Life – it is a show stopper but something I would be at ease wearing during the day. I don’t want any more things you keep for “best”.

These are simple pieces that you will want to wear everyday and will finish off any outfit.

2015-11-26 20.08.52

2015-11-26 20.08.44

Normally when I put on jewellery, it gets in the way and I end up taking it off. These pieces grab the light and are so comfortable you don’t even know you are wearing them.

The necklace below is the diamond butterfly pendant – it is very classic and you will never tire of this simple design.

2015-11-26 22.38.38


Regardless of wether you are wearing a white t-shirt or denim shirt, you will always feel dressed up with a piece from Adorno.

2015-11-26 20.12.44

I did not want to give this bracelet back, it is perfection.

It adds just enough bling to stand out, yet  it is sturdy enough that I would feel comfortable wearing it around the kids.

The eternity diamond bracelet is what I want for Christmas!

2015-11-26 20.08.24

2015-11-26 20.08.38

2015-11-26 20.08.28

2015-11-26 20.08.04

I have to own up to buying a lot of pieces with cubic zirconia, telling myself “you won’t know the difference” and often from a distance you cannot tell. But  I somehow I don’t value those pieces the same and they never make it to my jewellery box.

The white shirt is from Topshop and the denim one from the High Street Outlet – I wanted to show how a simple outfit can be lifted by the right piece of jewellery.

Diamonds are a thing of beauty and they are forever. When I got my engagement ring, I remember seeing a picture of my husbands Grandmother wearing the same ring and I felt blessed to have so many memories tied up in it.

Wishing you all a great week.





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