Posted: December 23, 2014 9:42am

Now that I no longer have to hawl a buggy through an airport, a nightmare at the best of times, I still shudder when I pass through security, thinking about the times when I had to put down a double buggy while manhandling two toddlers!

Now at five and seven my two  can carry their own bags, this is really a break through, as I no longer have a bag crammed with snacks, leaking beakers, random toys and changes of clothes.

This woman below travels with 5 children,no idea how she manges it!! Including one set of triplets.


kids at airport


Always make an effort if you can when you travel, it puts you in a holiday frame of mind.

Comfort is important there is no way I would ever wear heels and travel, I just don’t understand women who do , this is fine for Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian but these ladies are driven from gate to the exit and have lackeys carring their paraphanelia.

There seems to abe a airway uniform of ifyou look around you will spot this look.

1) Flats , skinney jeans , a great blazer and an oversized scarf. Ideally the shoes and bag should coordinate who am I to go against this, as it is practical and stylish.


Today I am wearing a pair of pointy flats from Anine Bing, I love the woven material which is so reminisient of Bottega. My tote is from one of the hottest bag designers in America Lumilla Mingus, It is so robust and fits my laptop and doesn’t dig into my shoulder.

The jeans are from J-Brand these are the soft from the Photo Ready range and the tshirt is again from Anine Bing.




I know you must be tired of hearing me go on about Anine Bing but she has replaced Isabel Marnat in my eyes in providing the perfect yummy mummy l uniform

This blazer from Veronica Beard is one of my favourites, I have them with a hood and I love the neck and cuff detail on this one. What I love about this blazer is that I won’t be cold on my way to or from the airport but it is lightweight enough not to have one passing out with heat,as you make your way through the airport.


On the way back I will swap the jeans for a cashmere tracksuit, I love the fact that when I get to my hotel I do’t have to rush off and change but can start the holiday with a well earned glass of champagne!

I always carry an oversized scarf in my bag as you never know how cold it can be and a large tote to carry all my magazine! Yes at last I can get to read a magazine and not have to play back to back eye spy or holding downa toddlerwho refusesto stop kicking chair infront!  Those of you still in the thick of it, time goes so quickly!


I think that Gynneth Paltrow, Miranda Kerr and Rosie Huttington Whiley are the queens of the Airport Runway.

paltrow-112912- (4)

I love that Gynneth matches her Rag and Bone boots to her Saint Laurnet tote!

miranda-kerr-64-788x1280Miranda Kerr goes for matching slippers and tote again perfection !



I adore the boyfriend jeans paired with the gorgeous Chloe flats , again matching !!

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