Posted: July 8, 2016 7:08am

Getting our shoulders out is huge, as well as showing a bit of back cleavage, now it is on to the legs.

Side slit trousers and shorts are everywhere and I was a bit skeptical but I am now a convert. I love the idea of a flashing a bit of flesh,  not too much but when the sun is out and especially on holiday, why not! Now that I feel too old to wear short skirts, leg cleavage is a great alternative.

With all the issues with mosquitos, trousers are often the best way to go so something a bit more daring and airy is perfect .

leg cleavage

side split shorts

My love started with these One Teaspoon shorts , I bought in the sale fro £10 ( OK the customs were more than the shorts) . They are that longer length that I find much easier to wear and to avoid that John Lewis counter staff look, they have this gorgeous side split . So when you walk you get a glimpse of thigh ( a glimpse is enough at my age) .

one teaspoon side slit shorts

Leg cleavage

Now I am obsessed by finding a great trouser option, so what have I tracked down?

I love love the brand Goen J and this pair below are now in sale .

goen j side slit trousers

If you can dare to bare, then this pair from Alexis are something I would wear on holiday , the underwear dilemma though!

alix side slit trousers

ASOS as usual are ahead of the game, there are so many to choose from such as the pair below from Warehouse.

side slit trousers

Farfetch is a fantastic place to look and normally I find the sellers really expensive but with the sales on there have so many bargains to be had.

farfetch side split trousersWishing you all a great week where ever you are and thank you for reading, off to the airport now and will be sharing


Anne Marie


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