Posted: May 1, 2015 6:54am

Swimwear has been causing quite a controversy, in the last weeks  with thousands of people complaining about the Protein World adds, asking if we are ‘ Beach Body Ready?”

In my experience, most of us will never  be completely happy with our bodies but it is so boring to go on about it, or resent those who possess that ‘killer body’.

If you love food ( I do) and a glass of wine ( beside me as I write this) and have a relaxed  attitude to exercise,  then a couple of extra pounds here and there is a price, I am willing to pay.

I am no size eight but at 44 I have learned to embrace my shape, as this is what makes the difference, you just have to work it, as the Americans love to say!

Someone contented and happy in their life, wearing something they feel great in, is as good as it gets, in my book.


2015-03-25 16.13.48

2015-03-25 16.13.50


For me a swimsuit needs to be lightweight and comfortable and in the past, I have struggled to find great ones .

I love Cocobay for swimwear and I have invested in this one called Goddess, I adore the boy cut and the ruching, this swimsuit is really light and super comfortable. A denim shirt thrown over a swimsuit is one of my favourite ways of covering up.


2015-03-25 16.13.40


2015-03-25 16.13.38


As I mentioned in my last post, a great shirt is the key to layering and a great shirt should be in your beach bag to throw on. The blue shirt here is from J Crew, I just love the sequin side panel. It is long enough to cover up and loose enough to just throw on.


2015-03-25 16.13.36

2015-03-25 16.13.24-1

2015-03-25 16.13.20-1


Another great tip, if you don’t feel super confident walking around with a swimsuit is to carry a great oversized clutch, this one is by Olympia Le-Tan and I have added a fur pom pom by Aurora Living.


2015-03-25 16.13.46

Cocobay  have been kind enough to offer all my readers a discount of 15% use the code, SCHOOLGATES15. They really do the best, most wearable collection of swimwear, this is not a sponsored post, this is brand, I use and love.

I wasn’t keen about being photographed in a swimsuit but I felt, that there is no point in be extolling the virtue of a brand, unless I am confident to be seen in it.

Wishing you all a great bank holiday weekend, off to Alton Towers, dreading it already but Luella and Archie are beside themselves with excitement.

Amusement Park chic to follow!

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