Posted: October 16, 2014 6:22am


With the Frieze Art Fair taking over Regents Park and the talk turning to art, I wanted to introduce to a great local company which can help you find affordable art.

Although disposable income isn’t’ something that comes to hand often when it does  one of my treats is a piece of affordable art.

However finding it as a liker but no expert has always been difficult. Luckily that has all changed.

Recently I was lucky enough to meet Sally Vaughan co-founder of Gofigurative. A local business based in Hampstead which now represents over 800 highly accomplished artists, sculptors and print makers who prior to its existence may never have reached our notice.

Conceived over a kitchen table

Earrings for the Wedding

by two neighbours/friends who with seven children between them who were sick of the corporate battle but still looking for a challenge. The combination of a lawyer and a marketer/would be artist who could see a gaping  hole in the market was too difficult to resist .

Southwark Cathedral

The challenge….

Hundreds of fantastic artists who had limited access/ knowledge and funds  to reach their target audience

Hundreds of wonderful galleries with buzzers at their doors who were too intimidating for all but the cognoscenti to enter.


The result…

The birth of Go Figurative, specialising in representational art and starting from really accessible prices.

Janine Collins, left and Sally Perry-1

With their major launch the week of Lehmans bankruptcy it hasn’t all been plain sailing but their passion, commitment, hard work, flexibility and complimentary partnership means that they have gone from strength to strength.

Not being a pair to stay still they now have three streams to their business.

1. Private sales/commissions which stretch from individual sales to   working with property developers and interior designers to help curate a clients art collection when they move.

2. Collections for Corporate clients. The most exciting one so far being all the art work for the relaunched Savoy Hotel. As Sally said a challenging but exciting brief  to combine, great artistry, with beauty, luxury and be contemporary. Whilst also reflecting the hotels long patronage of the Arts including Monet and Whistler.

3. Image licensing of the artists they represent. Again another source of income for these artists which they would be unlikely to access on their own and which is not traditionally done by most galleries.


However the sense I get from these dynamic ladies as they are only just starting. Recently a third round of  funding has enabled them to spread their international reach with representation in New York and San Francisco and while they continue to build their business they have also worked with several charities even enabling one young homeless man to come in off the streets and complete a fine art degree.


When I asked for the secret behind their success a clear message came out.

  • have a clear vision,
  • be passionate,
  • be prepared to take risks because even if it doesn’t always work the way you intended you will learn something
  • and if you can….

find a great partner, so that there is always one of you to pick the other up on the wrong day.


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