Posted: September 8, 2015 9:16am

I have never really got on with make up brushes and though I have bought them, I ended up using my fingers and they have languished in my bathroom drawer.

Not any more! I am converted to Artis make up brushes and have used them everyday since I bought them over a month ago.

They have  changed how I apply my make up: it goes on smoother, quicker and it is like having a mini facial as the brushes are so soft.

Check out  the Artis Website for lots of reviews and videos, to see how it works and the science behind it.


2013-02-15 12.04.19

There are different sizes. I went for the Oval 8 and 6 so I can apply my make up, powder and blusher. There is a handy solution you spray on the brushes to clean them and remove the excess make up. I will be ordering the smaller ones to help get a better finish with my eye make up and concealer.


2013-02-15 12.04.36

2013-02-15 12.03.33

2013-02-15 12.03.47

2013-02-15 12.03.53


In my opinion these brushes are worth every penny. I use a lot less make up, they are easy to use and the finish is sublime.

Back on the school run they also speed up my morning routine.

I am using the largest brush in these pictures the Oval 8, you can find the brushes at Space NK .

The pyjamas are from Yolke .

Let me know if you have tried the brushes and what you think of them?

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