Posted: September 14, 2015 11:56am

I have read all the magazines and trawled the internet trying to find some ‘real’ trends for adding a bit of excitement to our Autumn 2015 wardrobe.

There is a lot of the same; dungarees, jumpsuit, trainers, military jackets, oversized knits etc etc.

At this stage you will either have embraced these trends or decided they are not for you.

In this series I want to share with you the trends I will be embracing and why.

The Over the Knee boot is back with a vengeance. Sadly I sold all mine on eBay last year. I am blaming Miranda Kerr and Olivia Palermo for making me revisit this trend.

Miranda Kerr

Being tall I always worried that I looked a bit ‘street walkerish’ but maybe I just haven’t bought the right boots.  My old pair, pictured below, were too dainty so now I am looking for something with a bit more edge.



I am repeating this trend as it is a great way of adding spice to a casual outfit- in other words, a great way to get away with wearing leggings and jeans in the evening.

It is this LUST WORTHY pair from Saint Laurent which have made me review this trend again, as they can do no wrong.

Why ?

The boot is the perfect length and not too high. I love the way they have the asymmetric cut which is so flattering on the leg. The heel height at 3.5 inches is wearable and the unique ‘cat’ heel shape makes this boot more rock chic.

Saint Laurent also get it right with the toe shape, I love the almond shape.



Another one that is top of all the bloggers list is the Stuart Weitzman  pair called the Highland- anyone who has bought them sings their praises .



So after spending all that money, how do you wear them?

Dressed down over skinny jeans, leggings and with great cashmere and a simple t-shirt.  The best coat to go with this look is an oversized blazer or sweater.


I am not keen on them paired with shorts/dresses or skirts, doesn’t matter how great a shape you are in unless you still have a 3 or lower in front of your age. They do work under a knitted dress though.

Let your mantra be Emmanuelle Alt, not Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.



Both the Saint Laurent and Weitzman pair are expensive and if you are not sure whether this is really something you would wear then I have selected some more reasonable options.

Avoid loose options they make you look like an extra from Puss In Boots, also I would stay with black or taupe and suede is softer and easier to wear than leather. Also no appliqué, buckles or fringing. I think a heel is also much easier to carry off .

Kurt Geiger are doing a replica of the Weitzman boot called the Sammy, which is almost identical but a fraction of the price. I am yet to find a highstreet version for the Saint Laurent pair- if you do find one send it my way.



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