Posted: September 22, 2017 2:09pm

Sometimes I think it helps to have an overview of the current trends.  I am not advocating mad and rash purchasing but it is important to stay current, and add a flavour of what is ‘in’ to keep your look fresh.  As you get older you have to be a bit more selective and not go overboard with trends, otherwise you will have loads of clothes but nothing to wear!  These pieces are the sprinkles to your outfits – not the basis.  I try to check all the items I feature and avoid the Instagram traps, which you should too.

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SO, the trends I am seeing and enjoying in Autumn 2017 are:

  1. Brown, this colour is really the new navy but it is softer on the skin.  The key is to get the right shade to flatter your skin tone.  Also you get far more bargain designer bags in brown as they are not as sought after as other colours
  2. You cannot avoid tweed.  All the ‘in’ girls are decked out in it and it is a great contrast to more flamboyant fabrics like sequins.  Move on from Prince of Wales and go for a more unusual tweed that looks less ‘try hard’.  I have added lots of Preloved stores to my Directory where you can shop online to find some
  3. Corduroy is huge, but be careful, it is really tricky to carry off (it does add pounds) so I think jackets are the easiest way to embrace the trend.  There are loads of preloved ones around as this is a trend that has been around on many cycles.  Again, follow me on Etsy or check out Overdress Vintage for great pieces
  4. I am adoring the midi length floral dresses, ASOS or H&M have so many so you don’t need to spend too much, however, as soon as winter arrives we will all be too cold to swan around in dresses!
  5. It is time to break out your knee length boots, ideally in mulberry or taupe, think Charlie’s Angels! Wear with skirts or dresses
  6. Add a dash of red to your outfits, or orange if you are brave enough, also embrace the German bloggers like GLAM-O-METER, Netti Weber and SoSue, they are leading the way this season

This is all fashion and not style so to be honest, one nod to the trends is enough.  I am a blogger so this is my playground but don’t be too sucked in as fashion will move on in six months.  Stick to spending your money on a great coat or shoes and just dabble in these trends.

For links to shop check Shop Instagram and Wear What I Wear,  I have added loads of links to where to shop the trends for less.

I am updating my Shop Instagram to separate it by Investment/ Highstreet/ Vintage and Preloved which I will endeavour to do this weekend, which I hope will make things easier to find.

Anne Marie


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