Posted: September 18, 2017 5:35am

It started last year with suits starting to pop up on fashionistas who had never seen the inside of an office and the in-crowd were pairing them with trainers or slides.  This year, tailoring is even more prevalent.  This is a trend that you can best buy preloved or vintage as fabric and cut are paramount, especially if, you like me, are not heading to a real office!

I bought my suit months ago at SK Vintage and I cannot wait to throw it on in September.  It is navy pinstripe, fits like a glove and best of all it cost me the same as what I would pay in Zara.  It doesn’t look vintage, which is crucial…you don’t want to look like you have inherited it from a relative!

Suits and tailoring


Suits for 2017

I will dress it down with loafers and a polo and I will wear the jacket over a chiffon floral maxi dress or I can wear it with a pair of jeans or stirrup pants.



If I was to find this quality new I would have to pay near on £1,000 and there is no way I want to wear a Zara suit and try and compete with all the 20 year olds.  I need better tailoring and materials and vintage allows me to do this.




So where to find something similar?  If you are in London head to SK Vintage, if not then check ASOS Marketplace.  I even found a Chanel lookalike one for £100.  Also check Overdress Vintage, Oxfam online or Ebay. Thank you Deborah Sheridan Taylor for helping me find this masterpiece!  I did spot one lovely one at Topshop and Mango .

I also adore the collection at Front Row Shop, they have the perfect oversized shoulder blazer.


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