Posted: November 25, 2016 5:29am

I hate this Black Friday period as I keep feeling I am missing out and never seem to have the  codes that everyone else is brandishing.

The fact that most of the websites change the good pieces to New Season or Classics is also annoying me.

To avoid getting carried away I  have created my Wish List and if I can pick up a couple of items then I know it will make getting dressed easier .

Please stop looking at the websites, check your wardrobe and write down a list of what you need to FINISH OUTFITS.


Black Firday Wish List 2016

I think it has taken me three years to break my random shopping addiction.  I have cleared and sold and now am ready to buy a few pieces that will work hard in my wardrobe.

It is also important to buy the investment pieces first. Once you have bought that one key piece, you are less likely to splurge on lots of stuff just because it is in the sale.

Coats,  for me this is where to spend your money and they are the big ticket items you want to look for in the sale. I am not sure if I have found the right one yet but I love the Stella McCartney red number, though not sure if I would tire of the red so have resisted. I adore the Max Mara Icon coat but I will probably look for  this  Preloved first.

I have sold a  lot of my blazers as they were starting to look a bit worn and I have my eye on the Filippa K jacket from  KJ Laundry ( they have a great Outlet sale on at the moment) . Blaize Milano blazers are gorgeous, I first saw this on one of our most stylish mums at school.

Sweaters, suddenly all mine have bobbled and look old so I need to top up. I buy one great sweater every season and they last and last. This year I have my eye on an Acne polo neck  or this oversized grey sweater or black cardigan  from Raey.

A white shirt, I adore the fit of this Equipment one and I hope to snap it up.

I got it so wrong with my Gucci loafers I hold my hands up, I got sucked into the backless ones but they just didn’t work on my big feet. Certain shoes don’t work over a size 5, I have tried these Givenchy loafers and they make my feet look smaller and are a great way to break up black or denim.

I have been lusting after these gorgeous earrings  from Anissa Kermiche I featured them a few weeks ago.

The days of the ‘in’ branded bags are over, when I am out all the true fashionistas are wearing bags, high on finish and design with no obvious label in sight. I have been thinking about this one by Diana Broussard since I saw it in the Summer at The Place.

A belt , not sure if the one featured above,  will end of in sale but I want a great one to work with my Levis.

I have bored you all with my boot search, I think if these Anine Bing boots pop up in the sale I will invest or the ATP boots if they make the sale.

More than likely, I will have to wait until late in December before the discounts are deep enough for me to buy any of these pieces. Off to Harrods today to help a friend buy some shoes, lets see if I stick to my guns or cave in.


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