Posted: March 22, 2017 5:32pm

I love to work with stylists and I have learned so much from them all.  They seldom talk to me about shopping though, we tend to talk about culling your wardrobe so it is manageable and finding the gaps and building outfits.

Also they don’t cost much more than you would pay for a personal trainer, and let’s be honest, it is a lot more fun!

A great stylist will work with your existing body shape and lifestyle to show you how to build a wardrobe that works for you.  Reading blogs is fabulous for inspiration but we are all different and what suits one doesn’t necessarily work on someone else. Also being a blogger does not make you a stylist, I can recommend brands and kind of know what suits me but that is it.

I know I am doing myself out of a job but blogs and Instagram can fuel random magpie shopping, where we are drawn to the new and shiny. Often I have ended up with piles of stuff that has no longevity or is hard to wear.

How to choose a stylist

My checklist for choosing a good stylist is as follows:

  1. Can they clear your wardrobe?  This is a must otherwise you are wasting your time
  2. Are they looking at you, your lifestyle and not just pushing their own uniform?
  3. Are they kind and patient?  It is a not an easy process and empathy is crucial
  4. It is also key that they don’t just drag you to Selfridges or Harvey Nicholas ( beware as a lot of stylist just want their commission from these stores) .  A great stylist will call on pieces from lots of different sources and also be able to add vintage and preloved pieces too.
  5. Can they provide you with outfit pictures that you can use once the stylist is not there to recreate outfits?
  6. After your sessions you should know the shapes, fabrics, colours and brands that work for you.  In this way you can stop wasting time online and then sending back copious amounts of clothes. It also makes shopping much easier and quicker.

Who to use , there are so many but I am happy to recommend Stacy Troke and this would be a great Mother’s Day Gift.

Stacy Troke is a fabulous stylist with years of experience and a great friend who I am delighted to recommend.  Stacy can manage it all; work wardrobe, events and weekend wear.  A lot of stylists can do one but Stacy is able to handle all of these areas.

She is also not drawn to fads and embraces classic clothing with a twist.  She has made me think about paring things back and looking at materials and cuts that flatter my body shape.

I also like that Stacy makes it about you.  She is extremely calm and as she works between Canada and London, she has access to so many brands that I had not heard of or seen before.

Contact Stacy on the following email Stacy, this is not a sponsored post.

Have a read of our interview and there are a few more to come.



We would love to hear about great in store stylists as I am compiling a list of the people to use in the various stores. So please email me if you have used someone you would like to recommend. Email




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