Posted: January 13, 2021 10:33am

I am not going to bombard you with skincare as I believe that less is definitely more.

Last month I wrote about my skincare regime which is simple and effective.  My routine is always recommended by my dermatologist Dr. Surbhi.

I don’t care what bloggers say; there is a big difference if you actually pay for your products yourself, which I do.

I only write about products that I use regularly myself.

I use the Dr Gross Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel a few times a week to ensure that all my dead skin in removed.  Having tried so many products I find that this doesn’t agitate my skin at all, plus, it leaves my face super clean and soft.  It also removes those flaky patches and allows the serums to absorb much more successfully.


If you have pigmentation and need a stronger exfoliant, Dr Surbhi recommends that you contact her via her website and she will try to help with any products that can be sourced/purchased during lockdown such as



Dull skin and a lack of luminosity is one of the issues we all struggle with, especially at this time of the year.  Below are the products from Odacite that I use to add radiance.

Odacite is a brand founded by Valerie Grandury.  After recovering from Breast Cancer, she reassessed her own attitude to skincare.  She was not ready to sacrifice performance but wanted a product with efficacy and purity.

I have been using their facial serums for over a year now.  I use two, the Green Tea and Lemongrass, which has a radiance effect.  They have replaced my primers and I use them every morning under my make up.  You only need to use a couple of drops; it absorbs quickly and gives the most natural glow.

Green tea is one of the ingredients used by Geishas to give their skin a luminosity.  The Lemongrass serum helps to refresh and refine the appearance of sluggish and lackluster skin.

If I haven’t slept, or my skin looks dull then I use the Passion Fruit and Orange serum.  This is brilliant to lift your skin; again I use a couple of drops in the morning under my make up.  It smells divine and it reminds me of being on holiday…

The high vitamin A-C content of passion fruit is remarkably radiance boosting – ‘feeding’ skin with precious nutrients to brighten and boost luminosity.  Sweet orange oil has astringent and toning properties which firms and ‘tightens’ skin so it looks younger and feels stronger.

Although it is expensive, I have tried lots of other alternatives but nothing adds radiance in such a natural fashion.

You can buy the products from Cult Beauty, they have great reviews and explanations of all of the brands different products.


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