Posted: December 14, 2016 5:11am

Middle Aged Hair Syndrome, is that dull lifeless look that a lot of women, me included tend to suffer from after years of colouring and blow drying.  It is  exacerbated by the onslaught of grey hair as the hair itself becomes a lot coarser .

Over the years I have been to all the big name salons and they are great but those days are over for me.

It is just too expensive to spend so much money when my grey reappears so quickly.

Hob Salon

I have been looking for a local salon and literally stumbled across  Hob Salon in Camden one day, when I was desperate for a blow dry and my normal hairdresser couldn’t fit me in. I haven’t been anywhere else since and that is a few months ago now.

It is all about David and Collette they are a fabulous team, David colours and Colette cuts and blow drys my hair.

They are as good if not better technically than any of the West End stylists I have used.

They ‘manage’ my hair, be it deciding when to do conditioning treatments or when to have a keratin done. I have wanted to cut my hair for years but it was only with Colette that I had the confidence to do it.

Hob Salon

The reception are on their game and never mess up appointments, they  send a text reminder and best of all you can book online.

I haven’t tried the other branches but the Camden one is full of happy motivated staff that know the meaning of customer service, there are no charges for drinks either.

You can park around the corner on Jamestown Road, beware there is a two hour limit.

Hob Salon

I have been to those niche, boutique like salons but I don’t want to pay for the interiors or the rent. I also want to have a hope of booking when I want to, not when they can squeeze me in.

I have tried at home stylists, when my old stylist left to go out on her own but she then moved to the country and I was stuck.

I want to be know that there is a team behind the stylist, so that if they are on holiday or sick someone else can manage my hair. Also it is dangerous to wash hair dye off in the shower, I had a dreadful outbreak on my face which was down to hair dye, it is a must to use a basin.

Hob Salon

Good Hair Days make me feel like I can rule the world and if your hair is dodgy there is nothing clothes or make up can do.

In my 40’s ( I know hate saying it) my hair had to be cut as it was dragging my face down, I know it is a moot point and lots of woman love to hold onto their hair but ladies it is AGEING !

The texture of my hair was taking on the ‘ middle aged woman who has dyed her hair too often look ‘, which Hob Salons have averted, by the care they have taken with my hair to get it back to looking healthy and bouncy.

It wasn’t an easy job and it has taken a couple of months of cutting, using better shampoos and conditioners and just taking better care when blow drying.  I think it is that all round old fashioned care that has made the difference to my hair.

I have paid full price for all my treatments and am just sharing a brilliant find with you. Hob Salons are a supremely well run company that pride themselves on delivering fabulous hair.

Check out the website for more details , they have salons all over London and a few in the rest of the UK.

Also think about the chop!!


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