Posted: June 11, 2020 3:44pm

The sales are on (well online anyway) but I have been very restrained.

When the sun is out I am either wafting around in a white dress or wearing shorts, however, now that the rain is back, I am back in my hooded tops.  I have a complete hatred of umbrellas as I always end up leaving them somewhere, so a hoodie is a better option to avoid my hair going to the fizz side.

With hooded tops it is about getting the right fabric.  I have bought a few before and they were too heavy and rigid and they ended up unworn.

Without doubt, the softer the cotton the better, also, I find that a looser shape is more useful.  They certainly need to be loose enough that you can fit a t-shirt underneath.

I also look for hooded tops that are long enough to skim the hips and sit half way down your bottom. Anything longer and they can look like a dress.

Large slogans just don’t stand the test of time, I prefer a simple small logo. 

Avoid gimmicks and keep things simple.

One or two fabulous hoodies is enough.  Don’t get diverted by cropped or tie dye (go low with any trends) and find one that you can wear and love for a good period of time.  For me I alternate between Raey and We11done and they have replaced all my spring jackets and coats.  For petites, check out So Sue. I also would recommend checking out the LULULEMON which is now on sale !

Choose the colour well, a grey one will go with pretty much everything, or choose your favourite colour, which in my case is blue.  As it will make you feel fabulous when you put it on.

As I mentioned above, my favourite brand other than Raey, is We11done.  This brand ticks all the boxes above and best of all, they are already on sale.  I found the blue one on Ebay and it is a brand that does tend to crop up on the preloved market. The brand is true to size and I have sized up to a large.

For me a hoodie is my blazer and worth spending my money on as, I just get more wear out if it!

PS the bag is from a brand called PARRIS from the fabulous Sign of the Times which is back open next week! I just adore their well priced preloved bags 





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