Posted: June 18, 2014 4:08pm

The Sales are on and  our computers are ringing with emails and it is so hard not to get distracted and surf.  I love internet shopping but tend to spend ages looking, for the items to languish in my wish list. Nothing beats getting out there, but with work and family commitments there is so little time. I remember the days when I would spend an entire Saturday cruising the shops, this seems a distant memory now.


Ales shopping at Pippa Maida Vale
Sales shopping at Pippa Maida Vale


If you have half an hour, pop into Pippa boutique Maida Vale.  I have been visiting them since they opened a few years ago and they are going from strength to strength. The décor is gorgeous so the minute you step in the door you feel special. It is easy to park,  as there is Pay and Display outside the door and also the shop is very child friendly , I know  from experience as I have had my children crawling around in there, as I searched for an outfit.

The other great reason to go there is that they not only stock a wide range of women’s clothing and accessories but downstairs stock a great selection of children’s presents and an eclectic range of cards for all occasions. The toys are well placed by the changing rooms so this diverts the children, while you try things on.  Also the staff are not pushy and I never feel awkward just popping in to take a look.


Great selection at Pippa
Great selection at Pippa

I bought a lovely jumpsuit in the sale by Joie, a handmade cushion for my sons room, a birthday card  and a super soaker for my daughter, I know an odd combination but that is my life.



Handmade cushion for Archie's room from Pippa
Handmade cushion for Archie’s room from Pippa

They have a great range of items in sale including  casualwear  to party dresses, nightwear , shoes and scarves. We must try and support local business and Pippa is an amazing example.





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