Posted: October 19, 2020 6:11pm

I was a bit apprehensive about going to Bicester Village last week.

Hearing rumours of fabulous bargains twisted my arm and I headed there on Wednesday with some of my friends.

We always head up on the train from Marylebone.  If you go after 8.30am it’s a lot cheaper and there was hardly anyone on the train at all.

Everyone is temperature checked as you enter the shopping village and the area was very quiet until after lunchtime.  I felt really safe as facemask wearing was scrupulously adhered to, as was hand sanitising.

There was no queuing for popular stores such as Gucci, you can book a slot in advance, or on the day, and they text you when you can come in.

There are also loads of good food options to eat outside.

The shops were heaving with stock and the big winter drops are due next week…

So what did we spot:

I spotted lots of bags and sunglasses at CELINE.  They also had piles of trainers but the main drop of winter clothing hadn’t arrived yet.


We also spotted the best jewellery at FENDI, and fantastic prices (£80 to £120).  i bought the bracelet below for £80 and it is still online for over £300.

Then we moved on to Ferragamo where they had a very large wallet selection and a wonderful edit of shoes.  I fell in love and bought the shoe version of the clogs below!

Jo found the best slouch boots at Aquazurra and they had a very wide selection of shoes and boots.

If you are looking for a coat then head to MAX MARA.  The shop was bursting at the seams with divine coats in all styles.  They also had all their clutch bags and shoes too.

I also found the most glorious coat at Zadig and Voltaire which I have been lusting after since last Winter.

The prices are truly competitive and in a lot of stores they were offering an extra 20% off.

I think it is crucial not to get carried away, even though the prices are lower.  It’s still important to only purchase what you really need.  Don’t compromise on sizing or almost ok pieces, if in doubt leave it behind.

I will be heading back in a weeks time so email me if you would like me to check anything specific out for you






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