Posted: June 29, 2015 10:37am

I always leave holiday shopping to the last minute… I start packing and then realise I need a new bikini or kaftan, and I  am usually trailing a child or two around when I do go shopping.

It is a glorious day in London today- you can feel the warmth of the sun and, if you are like me, you only have a couple of days before your children break up for the holidays.

So it is time to sort out your holiday shop.

Last week while on one of our research trips for the blog, Deborah and I popped into Biondi Couture.

It is a treasure trove of all things holiday related- they stock everything from bikinis, swimsuits and cover-ups to bags, shoes, accessories and cosmetics.

20130528_BIONDI_012 (1)
Thank you to Clare Walsh for the photo

Biondi resortwear is the new brand on the beach and all the pieces are made with style- but foremost fit- in mind.

OD1A0373 (1)

As a mum on the run a friendly one stop shop is perfect .

The staff are really knowledgeable and welcoming which speeds up the process .

OD1A0375 (1)


2015-06-17 13.58.11


2015-06-17 13.55.43

2015-06-17 13.58.43

Biondi was founded by Claudine Davies in 2005. Not only do they stock their own brand, they stock one of the widest selection of other swimwear brand- some such as Delfina and Lola Phuket are exclusive to the boutique.

You can also design and have your own swimwear commissioned; a beautiful wedding or anniversary gift.

They are happy to advise you- when you are twenty and  haven’t had a gaggle of kids everything suits you, but at pushing 45 I need help!

So what did I invest in?

As I had to pick up Luella, I didn’t have time to choose a bikini that day but I will be heading back.

I fell in love with the vintage feel of the kaftan pictured below, and as it had already landed in the sale I snapped it up.

Photo thanks to Clare Walsh

2015-06-17 14.18.11

2015-06-17 14.18.09


OD1A0406 (1)

I also loved the strapless dress above.

Deborah could not decide between the yellow or white beach dress- I vote for the yellow.

2015-06-17 14.17.58

2015-06-17 14.20.44

They have a fabulous selection of sunglasses and we particularly loved this pair by Olivers People for Isabel Marant.

OD1A0381 (1)
Photo thanks to Clare Walsh

2015-06-17 13.51.25

It is hard to find comfortable shoes to take on holiday but Biondi had so many- these ones below are on my wish list!

2015-06-17 13.52.37


Before I head away I am going to pop back to pick up some new swimwear. The sale is on at the moment so it is really affordable.

2015-06-17 13.48.45

The Shop has a fabulous online presence, and if you are in London pop into the Chelsea store. I am wearing a great silk tracksuit from Ducie and slides from Celine.




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