Posted: September 16, 2020 11:23am

This week my lovely friend Deborah took me along to the Sloane Street Bottega store as I just had to check out the most hyped collection of the season.

Social Media and influencers have embraced Bottega with gusto; being honest, this had put me off a bit, not to mention that most of the hero pieces have been copied mercilessly.

With ex-Celine designer Daniel Lee at the helm there is little to recognise from the old Bottega.

However, after spending some time checking out the collection I can totally see why it is so popular.  It is fashion forward and when you actually see the pieces worn they have a really modern feel to them.  It is similar to a Ferrari, you know it’s a bit flashy, but you are somehow drawn to it anyway.  It shrieks 2020 and if I had the spare cash I would definitely be tempted.  Nevertheless, the sensible part of me says that if I am going to spend that kind of money then I would want something that is more classic and less ‘of the moment’.

I do feel that a lot of the current collections may date very quickly, so if you are sensible you could buy, wear and sell on before this happens.  To be honest, why not indulge if you have the budget, there is something about the times we are living in that says we should be enjoying the here and now.

“I’m quite black and white and I want to be bold,” says Lee, “I want to make a statement, otherwise what’s the point of making fashion if it doesn’t say anything.  You’re either going to love it or hate it.”

I think this statement says it all.  From the rubber ankle boots, to the over the knee pieces and tassels, the collection is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

I am going to buy the simple gold studs as I know I would wear them and the price point is fair. Personally, I don’t have the budget for the rest of the collection, but if I did the items below would be on my radar.  If I could buy one investment piece it would be the padded jacket as I know that I would wear it all winter.

You can also find pieces pre-loved, particularly the sunglasses, and I have added a link to a fabulous pair I spotted on Ebay.

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