Posted: June 11, 2015 9:41am

Two  years ago I noticed how my bottom teeth had started to move- just a couple. I ignored it at first but as time went on they got worse .

Before my wedding I decided to get veneers. Unfortunately I didn’t use the right dentist and ended up with major dental issues which took years to fix.

I was blessed to be referred to Dr James Dewe Mathews who fixed the damage, but for years I really couldn’t face getting involved in any other dental treatment.

The movement on my bottom teeth was getting more pronounced and it had really started to bother me.

I know it sounds very superficial and you are probably thinking, “This woman has too much time on her hands.”.

But it bothered me and I felt it was ageing- wrinkles don’t really bother me but my teeth did.

So I approached my dentist and he recommended Invisalign.

It is a series of clear plastic aligners (like gum shields) that you wear all the time. They move your teeth gradually back into place.



The downsides, other than the cost, is that they are annoying to keep in all day- especially if you are talking. However you do get used to them and they are not painful.

It took me nine months- every few weeks you get a tighter aligner that pushes the teeth back into place. It does work; mine went back into place and at the end you get a bracket fitted at the back of your teeth that prevents them from moving.

I look a bit manic below- even though my teeth are now straight, from years of being conscious of my smile I cannot break the habit and seldom smile in photos! This one is one of the few.


I only wore a brace on my bottom teeth but I have friends who who it on both, though this is harder especially if you have to talk a lot during the day.

I had mine done by 30a Wimpole Street and was looked after by Dr Reshad. They looked after me so well and I am happy to recommend the practice.




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