Posted: March 22, 2015 4:00pm

I normally don’t go to business breakfasts, as I have a complicated school run and my work time is so precious. Obviously when you get the chance to glean tips from one of the worlds richest women, you make time!

I am so glad  I did , it was a real life changer!

Arranged by Adoreum as part of their Leadership Breakfast Events and hosted by the Club at  Cafe Royal, I knew we in for a treat.


I just had to share the messages I took away from the talk, as I think they are so inspiring, to be honest my head is still buzzing.

Folorunsho started life as a secretary, moved on to become a hugely successful fashion designer and now owns one the richest oil fields in Nigeria. This woman is 65 but looks around twenty years younger and has just finished attending University something she didn’t do in her youth.

Diamond Collection By Folake Majin Fashion Show

I know I have struggled with my life path, from accounting to fashion blogger not your usual path, for years I worked in a job which paid well but  I didn’t love it, now I work all the time but it doesn’t feel like work as I adore it so much.

Yes you have to love it but it has to pay, that is Folorunscho’s mantra and I took that message away from the breakfast.  You have to keep knocking on doors and not take no for an answer.

I know a lot of women find it hard to talk about money, especially if you are self employed and their is no formal framework of remuneration. Focusing on your earning potential is not a dirty word but is crucial .  If you don’t ask, you wont get and some will say no but eventually you will get the answer you want.

Age limits don’t exist for Folorunsho, at 65 she is still looking for the next challenge. I love this, as sometimes I meet women and they feel now that they are in their forties it is not worth starting something new. Life is long ( hopefully) and having a passion and something to focus your attention is key to enjoying the journey.

The ability to delegate and give what needs attention your focus at that very moment and then switch, is another tip I picked up. Now days we have so much to juggle but sometimes the house and the kids have to take a backseat. It is hard to do but this is so key to allowing yourself the space to develop an idea and excel.


I loved that with all her wealth and success, Folorunsho keeps it real and you just know she doesn’t believe the hype or take herself too seriously, she engaged with us ‘normal’ women like she was chatting with old friends and a wicked sense of humor really helps.

Folorunsho is very spiritual and it was so refreshing to hear someone stand proud and share this, maybe it is  not for everyone but I found it fascinating and it got me thinking about my spirituality, something normally far down on the list.




Wishing you all a fabulous Sunday and I would love to hear any inspirational messages that you feel have changed your perception of life.

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