Posted: June 19, 2017 5:00am

I am going to be honest as my readers wouldn’t expect anything less:

Many years ago, the very first time I ‘went’ to Brent Cross I got so lost that I spent over an hour circling the surrounding roads and ended up on the North Circular, not able to get off, all the time screaming on the phone to my poor husband as I could not find my way home.

Ridiculous, as it is actually so easy to get to Brent Cross and it was more to do with my abysmal sense of direction!  It’s only 20 minutes from Central London and well signposted.


When I was asked to review the interior shops at Brent Cross I jumped at the chance as with Summer truly here I want to use my garden, and have lots of friends over, but all my outdoor plates and crockery were dated and just not inspiring; I needed a complete revamp.

Anthropologie Brent Cross

With interiors you have to touch and feel, gauge the quality, and to see whether it fits in with your existing colour schemes.  Lots of times I have headed into stores in town, picked up loads of items, and then ended up not buying them as I realised that I would have to cart them around town and back to my parking space, which was rarely close by.

This is where Brent Cross comes into its own as you can park so close to the stores and best of all, the parking is FREE!

I wanted a one-stop-shop to find everything in one place and with lots of fully stocked interior shops from Anthropologie to Duka, John Lewis and the ever useful Lakeland you have so many well priced options. A summer update is not something I want to spend a fortune on but I want quality and pieces that will last.

With a daughter in school near Oxford Street I am in town every day and I think that I have become  hardened to grumpy, disinterested sales staff.  In Brent Cross the sales teams in all the stores were so helpful and took time to look for the pieces in the stock room and genuinely seemed to have more pride in their work.  I know that this should be normal but you find good service less and less these days and therefore it was a breath of fresh air to meet teams who really knew the brands that they represented.

What did I find?

So much…so for now I am going to focus this blog on Anthropologie, with more to follow.  I first saw this brand in America a few years ago and they lead the way in affordable, colourful interiors and clothing.

Anthropologie Brent Cross

Anthropologie is my top tip to add that VA VA VOOM to your home and I promise that the pieces I have bought always make me happy when I use them.  It is the use of colour and the finish that sets this brand apart.  It is also my go to brand for presents and gifts. From the serving dish featured above to great plates and serving utensils, Anthropologie has it all.



Anthropologie Interiors



On my shopping list were some melamine plates and serving dishes for garden parties that are up-coming in my garden.  I loved the table runners and glass wear too. My home office is one of my favourite places and I needed new cups, office accessories and a rug to dress it up – this is where the brand excels. Not to mention  loads of great fashion too, like the skirt featured below and the dress I picked up with the gorgeous back detailing.

Anthropologie rugs




The beauty of shopping at Brent Cross is that I could pop the pieces in the boot of my car and then carry on shopping.  Not to mention all the great places to stop for a coffee and a bite to eat.

Next week I will be sharing all the pieces I found at Duka, as well as the items I bought at Lakeland to keep the kids busy in the holidays.

Duka Brent cross

So, if you are looking to update your home then Brent Cross is my top tip.  You can find it all in one place, the selection is wide and the staff are helpful which can make all the difference, if, like me, you are always shopping to a strict time table or have got children in tow.


Best of all, the annual Brent Cross Beach is opening soon so you can shop…bribe the kids and husband with a visit to the on-site beach.

Brent Cross Review

I was sponsored by Brent Cross to visit but I all the items I featured were not gifted and bought at full price.

Also the best place to check out the sales as you have all the shops under one air conditioned roof!


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