Posted: March 23, 2016 11:31am

Pigmentation is really bothering me on my face, it is so hard to get rid of and there is no way I am risking any more. These dark spots are a more telling sign of age than any wrinkle.

So I will be keeping my face and decollage firmly out of the sun. Also as I get older I just don’t tan well and realized it is just not worth the effort. I do like to have a tan and I am a regular fake tan user.


I have fallen in love with Zen Tan, it smells like a vanilla smoothie and I have never got any streaks at all, despite my usual late night haphazard application. It also lasts the longest of any tan I have used and fades evenly, so you do not get any patches.


This tan, also contains extra vitamin E to avoid that tell tale drying which is often the negative side of using fake tan.

This tan says dark but it is very natural and I have really pale Irish skin.  The brand has so many options for all skin types.

Zen Tan

So tanned last night and ready to hit the beach tomorrow! I will be in Marbella for 10 days  and will to continue to post when internet and children permitting! I am posting an Beach/Summer Edit on Friday, I found so many amazing pieces to share with you all.

You can order it from Zen Tan .

Wishing you all a great Easter .


Anne Marie


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