Posted: March 4, 2022 2:05pm

CALECIM Skincare – It’s Not A Miracle…It’s Science

I was a hoover where skincare products were concerned.

I was like a magpie, picking up the latest creams, lotions and potions and slavishly watching the latest video and embracing whatever the new ‘in’ product was.

However, the truth is that skincare products can only get you so far.  Genes, lifestyle and treatments are what really makes the biggest difference.  Skincare products are really the icing on the top.

They are not worth too much head space or bathroom space, and when I see influencers opening up their freebies or parading shelves piled high with products, it just makes me feel sick.

It’s simple BUY LESS, BUY BETTER.  I have learned that from Dr. Surbhi, who has cured me of my addiction to random skincare shopping.

We should learn from the men in our lives, they generally keep it simple and don’t buy into all the marking ploys. Honestly we are not missing out.

I was introduced to CALECIM by Dr. Surbhi.  She really does her research and I followed her lead and bought my first jar.  Yes! I really do buy my own products, shock horror, and only write about the ones I spend MY OWN MONEY ON.

I compare CALECIM to Tesla cars.  No frills, just great technology that really works. CALECIM are skincare disruptors, they don’t have fancy offices, expensive ads and neither do they court the bloggers.  They work with skincare experts and dermatologists, who know a great product when they see it.  CALECIM is widely used in post procedures to speed up healing and to improve the efficacy of these procedures, be it laser/micro-needling or chemical peels.

It’s all about the stem cells.  Lots of brands use stem cells but they are plant based and just no way near as effective.  CALECIM is the only brand using umbilical cord lining stem cells from red deer. This is the science bit as their parent company has developed technology to harvest the stem cells from the cord (no other company can do this).  These stem cells secrete proteins, amino acids and peptides which send messages to our skin and promote skin tightening and lifting.  Stem cells are crucial when we age as our own stem cells reduce dramatically.  The stem cells also promote a faster turnover of skin cells which leads to radiant more resilient skin.

There are four different products which I use, lets start with:

  1. The Multi-Action Cream:  Has a slight smell due to the high concentration of stem cells, it absorbs quickly into your skin and doesn’t leave any residue.  I use this daily, morning and evening and I have noticed that my skin is thicker, firmer and definitely more even
  2. If I need more moisture and feel my skin is dry then I add the Restorative Hydration Cream.  It is packed with hyaluronic acid, again derived from the stem cells; it triggers my skin to produce the right amount of moisture
  3. The Recovery Night Complex: I use as a mask and it dramatically reduces any redness or any discomfort, brilliant if you get sun or wind burn.  I put it on at night and wash it off in the morning
  4. Professional Serum:  Contains the highest concentration of cord lining and is used by dermatologists as part of laser/micro-needling.  It is a game changer as it reduces any swelling or redness.  I use it once a week as part of the process when I do my micro-needling at home

I have binned all my other products, other than Vitamin C, and now just use these 4 products.  My skin is less agitated, smoother, more hydrated and plumped up and my rosacea has improved dramatically.  It’s simple to use so you can just start with one product, which is what I did, and then add in the others and you will see that they work brilliantly together.

Make sure you tune in to my Instagram LIVE on Wednesday 9th of March at 2pm, with Ross Johnstone Calecim Global Head of Training. We will have samples to send out to those who are interested and participate!  Check out the Calecim website here or contact Dr. Surbhi and go in and have a chat about the products with her.

If you do purchase on the Calecim site use code GEE15 to get 15% off


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