Posted: April 26, 2021 11:38am

When I first heard of VITAMIN INFUSIONS thoughts of hangover drips in Vegas sprung to mind!

All those names such as ‘megabooster’ or ‘vip’ had always put me off.

Nevertheless, I have been extremely tired, despite eating well, sleeping and exercising and I desperately needed a pick me up.

I was introduced to the Hale Clinic on Harley Street, and the fabulous Beena recommended a Vitamin Infusion.  Given that the clinic has been offering a holistic approach to health since 1988 it made me feel confident that I wasn’t just indulging in a healthcare fad.  The clinic prides itself on addressing underling health issues, not quick fixes.

Vitamin infusions have been around since the 70’s and they have struggled with legitimacy and the flurry of mobile clinics hasn’t helped. In simple terms a vitamin infusion is a cocktail of vitamins and minerals that are administered by a drip straight into your bloodstream, bypassing your stomach, which dramatically improving the absorption rates.

You need to have a chat to the clinic beforehand to ensure that you are given the right mix.  I was prescribed the Endurance Infusion, it included Vitamin B to boost energy, Amino acids (taurine, glutamine and carnitine) and Vitamin C.  The glutamine and vitamin C help to brighten the skin.

Remember to drink lots of water before your treatment (and use the loo) as you cannot move during the treatment  as you are attached to the drip.  Also, best to have a quiet day afterwards to allow the infusion to work optimally.

The infusion was administered by a registered nurse and I didn’t even notice the needle going in.  She was chatting away explaining in detail how everything worked. The treatment took just under an hour.

The key point is that when you orally take vitamins only 20% get absorbed, but with an infusion you are avoiding the stomach so there is almost an 100% uptake.

I think that prior to booking you should have a reasonable idea of what you are trying to improve.  These treatments are best for those recovering from an illness and also with those who struggle to absorb certain vitamins, for example Coeliacs, many of whom are unable to absorb certain vitamins.  Also if you are struggling with your immune system, a vitamin infusion can provide the kick start you need.

So how did I feel post-treatment?

The next day I felt much more centred, although that could also be the effect of taking time out and focusing my myself for a while.  However, I noticed that my focus was so much better than before (previously my head was spinning before with all the things I had to manage).  My energy levels were vastly improved and my skin looked brighter.

The biggest benefit is taking that time to think about your own wellbeing.  I know that I need to take time out and slow down a bit.  I am also going to increase the amount of water that I consume, and reduce the slow drip glass of wine in the evening which I got into the habit of during lockdown.

I wasn’t pressured into buying a course and during my treatment we chatted on how I was feeling, my lifestyle and I have definitely realised I need to switch off properly more often.  I am going to have some acupuncture to help me to do this.  With over 50 practitioners under one roof at The Hale Clinic there is help available for all concerns.

I am going to have a second one next week, most people need two to three to see a real improvement.

The Cost for my infusion was £240 but prices vary depending on the infusion cocktail, but it is all listed on their website.

I have asked The Hale clinic for a code so quote HALEINFUSION to get 10% off your first visit.

My first treatment was gifted but I have booked and will pay for my next one myself.  Also they have a great Long Covid clinic which some of you might want to look into in more detail.

It is important to work from the inside out and to get to the bottom of any healthcare concerns that you may have, so make sure you take time to discuss your concerns properly when you call up and get the right treatment for you.  Unless we are about to collapse many of us just keep going and in the long term this doesn’t do anyone any good.  Covid has taught us all that health is the most important thing for a good quality of life and I felt very comfortable at The Hale Clinic talking about my concerns, in a calm environment.

Contact The Hale Clinic on 020 7631 0156.



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