Posted: December 20, 2014 12:57pm

Being Irish I am used to the cold but when it turns really cold, I find I cannot be bothered wearing a dress or skirt.

Forgetting about the cold there is the entire tights or no tights discussion.  I am of the New York view, that tights should not be worn under an evening or cocktail dress they just look wrong. Look at Kate Middleton, those dreaded tights add years to her.

I love a great spray tan but again in deepest December I sometimes cannot be bothered.

So what to wear to a formal event?? That is where the evening trouser suit comes in, you are warm, don’t have to show your legs and the right one stands out and can be really sexy.

The look is synomous with Yves Saint Laurent and they really do a beautifil  version every season.



Think Bianca Jagger and Kate Moss and ask yourself would they wear the suit, before you by one.


They are not easy to find, there are lots of suits out there but they look very office like and this is not the look I am alooking for.

So the key points to consider :

1) Look at the fabric, softer ones such as velvet work best.

2) The cut must be sharp and tailored,  you don’t want to look like you have borrowed your brothers!


I hunted for a long time to find the suit below, which is from Joseph. This one is a couple of years old but they do have great ones. It is very tight fitting so I have to be at my fighting weight.




It is imporant that what ever you wear underneath the suit doesnt take over, I love the camisoles that you get from Zadig and Voltaire, thank you Shanaz for introducing me to them. I always look at for the sales and try and get my hands on a couple.




I love these feathered Topshop sandals, they are perfect to add a bit of femininity to this outfit.


Also keep your make up soft and hairstyle simple, a pony tail works really well with this look.

The best ones available now are from Sandro below, this suit is in a gorgeous navy blue and topping my wish list.


I also love this version from Isabel Marant, the shorter troser length is better suited to Spring.


Zara is a great source of fantastic suits I love the both below the first one is so fitted and I love the glitter boot.



Zara also has some great velevet suits which are so comfortable and easy to wear.

th (25)



Wishing you all a great weekend !

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