Posted: February 23, 2020 8:41pm

The emergence of canvas bags is one of the strongest trends I am seeing for Spring 2020.

Part of me thinks that it’s a bit of a swindle as although the brands are charging the same , the material is a lot cheaper, I wish I had bought this Eddie Harrop one, as the brand has since stopped trading.

Last year it was straw bags, which you can still spot this season.  I have already been drawn to the Loewe version, but the sensible side of me feels that £350 for a basket is pure madness.  Therefore, I’ve resisted, and stuck with vintage ones.

We all got used to seeing those Dior canvas bags out and about, but now, it’s impossible to spot the real from the beach sold ones!  It is something to be wary of, and I think that if you are going to invest, then look for a lesser known brand with a leather and/or hard material mix.

Why do I adore canvas bags?

– They are light.  No one likes a heavy leather bag digging into their shoulder, especially when there isn’t a jacket or coat to protect the skin!

– They are much easier to fold up and pack in a suitcase

– They are less structured and better suited to summer wear

I avoid most of the new season trends but a canvas bag will update your look.  If money is no object then I would invest in the Valentino but more realistic is the Rejina Pyo, 50% off on My Theresa.  I adore the size and it’s on sale ,or do I hold out and see if the Connolly one ends up on sale?  Remember that this is also something you can look out for on the vintage sites such as Etsy.


All the top brands have brought out canvas options and below you can find my favourites:

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