Posted: January 25, 2016 10:20am

January is such a hard month; it is dark and cold and it seems so long until Spring. Today in London I felt the sun on my face for the first time this year.

All the stores are starting to bombard us with the new season choices and I am holding off as I want to invest in a fabulous mid calf trench coat.

This time last year I bought my first Chanel jacket, preloved, but I still adore it and I cannot wait to wear it again over my jeans when the weather gets better.

Hannah Stafford Taylor is one of those mums on the School Run that we all look forward to running into. Firstly we all want everything she has on, and secondly, she is happy to share all her top tips. It was her rocking up to school with a Chanel jacket over her boyfriend jeans that inspired me to track one down.

Chanel Jackets

When I think of Hannah, Chanel has to come to mind. She has the most exquisite collection of jackets and dresses, and she knows how to wear them to look current. She has a real love of clothes and  I love her eye. Most of all she knows how to put together a show stopping outfit and make it look so effortless. The look is always fresh with an edge.

For most of us, a closet full of Chanel is not realistic.

Chanel Jacket

Hannah is a savvy shopper and has bought and sold clothes for years on eBay and other Preloved Sites. She has a clinical eye for what to invest in and she makes sure they hold, and in most cases, appreciate in value. She is constantly cleansing her wardrobe and reinvesting well.

Chanel Jackets

It means holding off those random purchases and saving for that one fabulous, wardrobe-altering piece. An item that goes with everything and is not seasonal and just elevates every look.  She is not a victim to trends… but this doesn’t mean she doesn’t buy on the Highstreet. She does, but in sale and cut price, spending her money instead on that one fabulous piece.

Chanel Jacket

Chanel Jacket


2016-01-20 19.00.46

Look, I know it is hard. I could shop all day but if I have that itch for something new, I have learned from pros like Hannah and Noreen Goodwin to shop in the sale what ever the time of year, and I mean the bargain basement kind of sale. Otherwise these small purchases add up and you still look at your wardrobe and have nothing to wear.

Chanel Jacket

So for most of us, myself included, popping into Chanel to buy a new piece is just not realistic. So here is where you should look to try and find a vintage or preloved piece. It is still expensive, but I know so many people putting designer bags on their Wish List, which cost a lot more than a fabulous Chanel jacket.

Hannah wears her jackets with jeans and and a t-shirt, which is how I love them styled.

So where can you get your hands on well priced Chanel jackets?

Start with eBay, but look for rated Sellers who accept returns. I have this red jacket on my Wish List, or this flecked one, which is really similar to the one Hannah is wearing.

Shonamac, a fabulous online Preloved shop always has a great array of Chanel , as do Editsecondhand and Shush at the Wellington.

I bought my cream Chanel Jacket at Rellik, they are not online but worth popping into if in London, as they always have some great pieces. Veritas Couture, which is located near Bond Street in London, also had great Chanel jackets. I paid four hundred pounds for mine, pictured below, and it is pristine .

I also cannot recommend Over Dress Vintage enough – a tip from Ms Goodwin they are so well priced and have some divine Chanel inspired jackets starting at thirty five pounds.

Preloved Chanel Jacket

Please email me if you are looking for that Chanel jacket include the style, colour and size you are after, and I will email you details of any great ones I see on my travels.

Next week we will be examining shoes; which ones are worth splurging on and where to find them on a budget, as well as the hot footwear trends for 2016 .

Thank you Hannah for sharing, and I cannot wait to share the rest of what we found when we visited  last week.

Have a fabulous week, the sun is creeping out and jacket weather is just around the corner.














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