Posted: August 8, 2017 7:51am

Ladies, look out for cheesecloth on your travels this Summer. If you find a something in the fabric, grab it as it is the perfect material to wear in the heat. It is lightweight and it doesn’t show any creases, you can throw it in the washing machine and no need to iron…. it doesn’t get better than that when you are living out of a suitcase.

I have a collection of pieces  which I have built up over the years and I wear them on rotation. In previous  years I would be racing out to Zara to shoot a selfie or have stocked up on a few colourful pieces for Instagram however this year, I am just going to own the fact, that I live during the day in a few cheesecloth dresses and my gym shorts!

Cheesecloth dress KJ's Laundry

Beware of  Instagram as bloggers use a lot of colour to draw you in but in reality, the items are possibly not something you realistically want to be seen wearing, in the real world!  I can make anything look good on Instagram but I promise I wont do it.

If I wont wear it I wont share it ! 

I am evangelical about avoiding polyester. I have had to discount so many pieces as the cut is great but I know there is no way I could wear them in the Summer heat. Maybe it is age but I don’t care how amazing it could look, I know I will not love and want to put it on.  So please check labels before you click.

When I saw this dress at KJ’s Laundry my heart skipped a beat as it was perfect cheesecloth and cut to flatter and also dresses up enough to take you from day to evening. A lot of cheesecloth dresses are quite boho or vintage looking yet this one looks so contemporary and I want to have it made in every colour.

Cheesecloth dress Caramel

It is from a brand called Caramel and you can find it on sale on line at KJ Laundry . I love that it has pockets too! The slides are Adidas.

Cheesecloth dresses

Caramel One shoulder cotton dress

You can check out lots of other brilliant pieces which I have found and added below. We are heading to St Tropez next week with friends so any tips for where to eat out are welcome !

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