Posted: January 20, 2015 7:02am

Your home is the most expensive thing you will ever buy and it is so important that you feel happy and comfortable there.

I get asked a lot for a recommendations on Interior Design or more to the point I hear lots of complaints which go like this:

‘ my house is so cluttered but I don’t know how to start”

‘ I cannot move but want to revamp my house but will cost too much”

‘ just renovated a house or bought a house and too tired from the process to start furnishing it.


'Maybe it would have been cheaper to just glue money to the wall.'


People think I must have a huge budget or be lazy for employing an interior designer but I do it on a very small budget .

I have simply used the right one! My homes have been finished properly , I have loved living in them and when I came to sell them ( we have moved 5 times in 8 years) we have been able to do so on our terms.

I have used Mia Karlsson Design for nearly 10 years  and we are numersous house down and have still remained friends!!



I wanted to find someone who offers different packages from redoing a room, to style inspiration to managing an entire house refurbishment.

Flexiblity is also key, Mia has a design studio in Highgate Village ( with parking !) and she is happy to meet at weekends and in the evening.

She often has whole families come in at the weekend, the kids get given paper to draw on and the parents can review their designs in peace and quiet.

I love that after working with Mia I have learned so much , so that it I am not just buying a service but now I am able to do a lot on my own.

She has allowed me to put my own stamp on the properties and does not get upset if I say no.

She is fun to work with, a must in my book!

I would say her thing is comfortable, well thought out living, she loves colour and texture and she knows where to spend and where to use Ikea, she is swedish after all  !


I love the mix of traditional and modern in this Living Room as well as the soft colour palette

I know you could go to Chelsea Design or the Kings Road but if you work through a designer you will end up getting better discounts and also it avoids expensive  mistakes.

Another valuable quality, is the ability to mediate as often both partners dont have the same taste or vision so I love that she can manage people so well.


Mia is is wonderful at creating space that works and is comfortable yet stylish

Again this is not a sponsored post, this is just an insider tip I would like to share with you.


Getting carpets right is so tricky particularly on a stairs !


Her use of bespoke joinery means that everything has its place and there is no clutter
Childrens rooms are hard to get righ this was my sons and I love the use of colour , yes he is an Arsenal fan!


Mia is also the sole importer of certain fabrics and furniture so contact her if you are looking for these items. If you are not in London send her an email as she has contacts worldwide and maybe able to recommend someone.  She is swedish and has helped a few friends based in other countries find great local designers.

She is a fabulous cook too!

Design Studio, 11 Pond Square, London N6 6BA

020 7209 1615


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