Posted: June 9, 2016 6:25am

I am obsessed by city shorts and  Jo, one of my loveliest friends, has been asking me where to get your hands on some. They are the perfect option when you head away this Summer and want to be a bit smarter, yet stay cool. She has a tripped planned to New York, so there will be lots of sightseeing, shopping , combine this with soaring temperatures and two kids under six, worrying about what to wear is low down on the priority list. For most of us, we want to get up on holiday and look in our suitcase and find an outfit.

This is where the right shorts combination come in, I live in them as  I just find shorts easier to run around in then skirts and dresses, especially if you are bending down after kids.

My love affair  started, when I bought a pair from Chloe on the Outnet, they are the perfect pair of shorts beautifully tailored yet loose enough to wear when it is really hot. I like the longer length too, as well as the tie effect, which makes your legs look thinner.   Below I have paired them with the matching top for the evening but during the day I would wear them with a simple vest. This is where this outfit is perfect to take on holiday, as it is light weight and it goes from day to evening.

2015-07-04 19.29.38

The navy version of the Chloe shorts, featured below,  is what I tend to wear during the day. You feel and look smart but are so comfortable and you can get on with your holiday. I always balance mine out with an oversized ‘boyfriend’ shirt and roll up the sleeves, I find this more airy than t-shirts. The shirt below is from Eudon Choi and I found it on a great site Young British Designers, they have this seasons white version on line. You will get so much wear out of an investment shirt like this.

City Shorts

Maje and Sandro, always do great matching shorts and tops, I have lived in this one below, the sale has started and I spotted a great pair in store last week. I found the most gorgeous matching top and shorts, in the lightest fabric on Farfetch.




I love this pair that Shanaz is wearing which are from ISSA , they are perfect for the Summer and so flattering, they have the exact pair in white and navy now for sale on the Outnet.

City Shorts

City Shorts

When looking for a pair, I have learned the following :

  1. Don’t buy shorts too long ,  mid thigh is the longest I would go, then you can get away with wearing flats without looking like a school girl gone wrong. AVOID CULLOTTES, they are so hard to wear.
  2. Avoid a tight fit, unless you want to be sweltering in the heat, loose yet fitted is the way to go.
  3. White and navy are best and easiest to work with.
  4. Pair this look with an oversized boyfriend shirt or a simple vest or matching tops are great if they are available.

So where to get the look?  Head to the Outnet , buy one good pair and you will not regret it . Or check Tara Jarmon which is where I have my eye on some great ones.

I have collected my favourites and some great tops to go with them. I also love to throw a bomber jacket over, there is an amazing white one below that I am so temped by and wear this look with slides.

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