Posted: December 8, 2014 7:34am

Jewellery is not my thing but I do appreciate it and now that I get the chance to see some amazing jewellery designers I am starting to get it !

There are some pieces, that if you can I think are true investment pieces. These are things you will wear year in year out and mark a special occasion or time in your life!

I also love that when you look at someone close to you you often have this strong connection with a piece of jewellery they wear or wore everyday.

This is my list of Classics

1) An eternity ring, I wear mine every day and leave my engagement ring for special occasions.




2) A tennis bracelet , I love these worn casualy layered with other less formal bracelets. I fell inove with the bracelet below it just was simply beautiful.





3) A pair of gorgeous stud earrings, these are a touch of glamour you can wear everyday andthey frame your face.



4) You could add a great necklace to that and you are covered, the one pictured beow on Smriti is not one I would have chosen myself but seeing it on her I could see that it is something you would always go back to and though a ‘piece’ it added rather than taking over .



I would not wear all of these together probably the braclet or the necklace with my eternity ring and earrings.

All the pieces pictured above are from Heirloom.

I love Ruth from Heirloom, as she cuts out the middle man so you get more diamond for your money.

She has a great eye for the best stones and settings. So if you have a special birthday, anniversary or simple want to spoil yourself, give Ruth a call and she will pop over to you.

Her prices for thes classic pieces are the best I have seen and really affordable. So has done all the running around and you know that you are getting the best on the market.

She is not pushy at all she lets her jewellery do the talking.

This is a quote from Ruth and I feel it is so apt !


“A well-made piece of jewellery makes the wearer feel good about themselves; it becomes part of them.  And, unlike a pair of shoes, it can endure daily wear, while retaining it’s looks for generations.”

Ruth Donaldson

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