Posted: October 8, 2017 7:51am

I know this is not a sexy topic but it is a brilliant time of year to sell anything you no longer wear or just items which were mistakes in the first place!  Once the sales start, which they will in November, then the Preloved market slows down dramatically.

Tackle your clear out one evening with a glass of wine, it is what I do, and it eases the pain of having to face up to my mistakes.

Create three piles:

  1. Charity
  2. Repair/Clean
  3. Sell

Be radical – most of us have too many clothes and only wear 10% of what we own.  We often end up buying more because we cannot be bothered riffling through all our shelves.  I have got a lot better and I use my Ebay shop NW8closet to clear the pieces I don’t wear.  It does take time to set up but if you have a lot of clothes selling them yourself is the best bet.  Have a read of this article I wrote, it is full of tips on how to do it.


It is a great time to do it now when we are putting away our Summer clothes and taking out our Winter pieces.

You don’t need a stylist for this, you know your own space and how you get dressed best.

It is such a brilliant feeling when you have gone through everything and not only will it be quicker to get dressed in the morning but you can also compile a list of items you need to finish off outfits.  I am a serial coat buyer, I know I have to stop but I won’t allow myself to buy a new one until I have cleared the equivalent value.

For me, I want my shopping to be a ZERO GAME, I sell to the equivalent value to what I buy.  It has really worked on tempering my shopping addiction and I value what I buy a lot more.

I am not an expert on wardrobe organisation but my friend Tanya recommend this book by Marie Kondo.  I am busy reading it and it is really helping me.  I love how she folds and stores clothes.  OK, realistically all the folding is a bit too much for me but I do like her idea of asking yourself about each item:  Does wearing it GIVE YOU JOY?  Or does it make me feel like I need to lose a few pounds etc..

These are her top tips for folding which I have started using.  I love her way of storing tops and sweater as well as underwear.  My folding is not in her league but I am learning!

In my opinion it is a great idea to have clothes mended and altered if they don’t fit properly.  I know it all sounds really boring and it is a chore but it is so worth it and most of the time you will find so many pieces you had forgotten about.

You have to try your own clothes on and really look in the mirror.  If you have something better then donate it or sell it!!  Same applies to handbags or shoes, if they pinch or are marked send them to Classic Shoe Repair, they can fix or alter anything.  I always have a lint remover for knitwear in my desk and I negotiated a good rate with my dry cleaner.

I am happy to answer any questions on clearing or selling just email me on

Wishing you all a great weekend and let me know how you get on.

Anne Marie




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