Posted: November 5, 2018 5:38am

Rework, Repair and Rewear.

How many times is the item you want sold out in your size?  Similarly, we all have loads of items in our wardrobe that need repairing, shortening or let out or in.

The biggest problem for most of us is finding someone reliable and fairly priced to complete these alterations.  Add to this, finding the time to drop the items off and collect.  I have so often circled my local alterations shop in my car but couldn’t find parking and my items end up languishing in the boot of my car for weeks.

Enter the Clothes Doctor!

The prices are very competitive; £5 to sew a button back on or a moth hole repair, £7 for a hem, £12 to shorten trousers and £30 to go down a size in an item.

You can do the entire process on line and as I am in London, I used the ‘Pick Up Service’, so I didn’t even have to go to the Post Office.

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My items came back within a few days and the alterations have been completed to the highest level.

I have had some terrible experiences with online companies, but not The Clothes Doctor, the communication is fast and effective.

I used the Clothes Doctor to shorten the hem on a skirt I bought and to go down a size in a dress I could only find in a larger size.  Next I will use them to re-make a dress I have.

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This is one of the best companies that I have used in a long time.  This skirt is Alberta Feretti and I bought it from a local charity shop.  It is 100 % silk but was too long and now that it has been shortened I can wear it with my trainers.

I just love their motto – Rework / Repair / Rewear

Clothes Doctor – check them out online.

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