Posted: February 1, 2016 10:12am

My addiction to Reality TV, particularly the Housewives of LA, is driving me to thoughts of botox  again.

Looking at some of the Ladies, hitting 50 and there is not a blemish, double chin or line in sight.  Part of me is saying they look fake but the the other part of me is questioning again, whether I need to take the plunge.

I have seen great results with sticking with Dr Lancer and my lines have definitely diminished. My skin tone is also better, after undergoing monthly micro dermabrasion.

Great skin over 40

What I have realized at 45, you cannot sit still as your skin gets used to creams and you don’t see the same results.

Now it is the drooping, not even sure if that is the technical word which bothers me most, particularly around my jawline, I have tried the creams but nothing seems to help not to mention those neck exercises but I just don’t have the patience to do them regularly.

Great skin over 40, COMCIT

Pigmentation is another one of my problem areas and I think patches of sun damage, are more ageing than any lines.

My beautician, said I should try  COMCIT, by Crystal Clear Skincare, as I trust the ladies at Beyoutiful,  I booked in without any research.


It was a good thing, as when the beautician hovered over me with the roller, I was petrified.  She rolled over my entire face, with the roller and it hurt! They do use a numbing spray but it does still sting a lot.

The therapist is quick so it doesn’t last long, so definitely, be prepared as this is not one of those lie back and relax kind of treatments.

The theory is you create micro channels down to the layer, where new collagen is made, a powerful cocktail of Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid is applied to your skin and heads through the channels, made by the rollers to the dermis.

I had no downtime, my skin was sore after but I looked fine, I would leave a couple of days if I had a big event though.  I am 45 so I think I need these more intensive treatments.

So what improvements have I seen after 4 treatments, I have 2 more to go in this course?


  1. Lifting is my most noticeable improvement, it is like the scaffolding under my skin has woken up .
  2. Lines have faded and the texture of my skin is more even and juicy.
  3. It is hard to judge yourself but people keep commenting on my skin and how well I look.
  4. I noticed the best results two weeks after the 4th treatment and I think you need to do the course to get
After the treatment

You need to commit to the course to see sustainable results.  I will then have a follow up treatment, every couple of months. This is not a quick fix but the results are worth the investment of time and money.

I continued to use my own products in between.

If you are in London,  I would recommend Beyoutiful Clinic where I had my sessions. Otherwise check out Crystal Clear’s website for a list of places where you can do the treatment.

This is not a sponsored post, I paid full price for all my treatments, I will keep you updated on my progress. If you subscribe to the blog, we will be sending out a discount code you can use if you want to book the treatment.





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