Posted: January 1, 2018 9:57am

It is that time of year.  The new year is around the corner and typically I would do a  ‘best of 2017’, however, instead I am going to examine the lessons I have learned this year as an over enthusiastic shopper.

Fingers crossed that writing this post is therapeutic enough to stop me careering into 2018 initiating the same shopping misdemeanours!

So what have I learnt this year?

Don’t jump on the bandwagon.  Those Gucci t-shirts, furry mules, Ganni jumpers etc.. are glorious but every blogger in town is wearing them and with all the knock off’s around… let’s just agree that it’s FASHION OVER STYLE.  I am not judging others as it’s taken me 40 years to realise this.  I have been so tempted by the Balenciaga Dad Trainers but I am just not going to push the buy button as they have just not got enough longevity…and, I AM TOO OLD!!

Bought on a whim and lived to regret the Gucci Slippers
Bought on a whim…lived to regret the Gucci slippers
DAD trainers obsessed but not giving in Balenciaga
Dad Trainers
The highstreet always catches up H&M take on Ganni
The high street always catches up…H&M take on Ganni

I should be buying less (this is a work in progress) but I’m lucky to have close friends who are amazing at just cherry picking what they need, wearing the pieces to death, and spending their time on something more productive!  So, I am looking and learning. Sometimes I feel it is the thrill of the hunt that I love, and when it comes down to it, I still live in my gym wear and joggers.

One of my favourite outfits of the year
One of my favourite outfits of the year

Smarten up,  I have tried and failed, but in 2018 this is something that I want to embrace.  I just need to find a few new staples that are comfortable yet don’t make me look like Kanye West’s mother!!

Need to break my jogger obsession
Need to break my jogger obsession

In 2018 I am not buying anything until I have saved to invest in 3 key wardrobe pieces.  This is because I am still prone to picking the low hanging fruit first and I find it so hard to save, wait and buy a WARDROBE CHANGER!

  1. On my list is a new bikini and swimsuit.  I always leave it to the last minute and everything is sold out
  2. A showstopper Summer dress.  I want to buy one glorious dress each year rather than ‘almost’ OK dresses
  3. A new bag.  I haven’t bought a proper one in two years so am on the hunt for a great tote bag

I am moving around Easter time so I am going to clear everything that I just don’t wear or want to keep for my daughter.  I have done a lot already but there is another wave of clearing that needs to be done.  These are pieces that are beautiful and cost a fortune (which I wont get back) but they are items that don’t suit my lifestyle anymore or make me feel good when I put them on.

Dermapen the best way to hold off the lines
Dermapen the best way to hold off the lines
  1. Finishing outfits is something I have improved at, but instead of going on line and buying more, I need to spend the time looking at what I actually already have and thinking of ways of wearing them
  2. Taking the time I would waste wandering around the shops or online and using that time to exercise and look after my skin and hair.  This is something that I started in 2017 but the balance still needs to be tipped away from retail therapy

Making time for friends and family.  It’s not so easy with work and children as I tend to run around like a busy fool and end up too tired to really engage and ‘smell the roses’.  This is my NEW YEARS RESOLUTION for 2018.

Yoga top on my list for 2018
Yoga top is on my list for 2018

Thank you all so much for reading and all your support over the last year.  I am excited about my plans for the blog in 2018 – I will be moving to a faster website with loads more videos and will be dealing with more than just clothes.  On the list will be more lifestyle, skincare and health issues.

I also cannot wait to re-launch NW8closet on its own platform and share all my tips on selling and buying the best preloved!



Anne Marie



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