Posted: April 27, 2015 11:10am

I have been toying with different types of denim, there are so many options out there it is hard not to feel like you are committing to the wrong trend.

I still love the skinny, nothing beats it for making you feel svelte but I am not a great fan in the Summer of super tight denim. Then there is the boyfriend, girlfriend and then the much heralded flare. As a lover of clothes, even I find it confusing.

For me, the style has to be flattering and practical, my days of slavishly following trends are gone.

In my opinion the boyfriend or flare, are really best with heels, that is unless you are super skinny. Yes they look cute in photos but in reality, with flats I know they make me look bigger.

So with that in mind I have been on the quest for something that embraces the wider leg but is more practical.

Last week I ran into a friend wearing a gorgeous pair of high waisted cropped slightly flared jeans and I knew I had found it.

The look was polished and on trend. The higher waist is slimming as it elongates the leg and the cropped length, suits flats.

Since then, I have looked at so many pairs to find the Holy Grail!!

I was so tempted by the Chloe and Gucci pairs but in the end I have ordered a wonderful pair from ASOS . I cannot wait for them to arrive!




You can also just lob off the bottom of a pair of jeans you already have, I  will be experimenting with this during the week.

So  pair these jeans  with a simple white t-shirt, cape and flipflops, buy the exclusive ones from Havaianas, before they sell out. The white cape is so beautiful I saw it yesterday.

Super stylist Deborah Sheridan Smith alerted me to the gorgeous clutch below from COS, the leather is super soft and it is big enough to be useful during the day as well as the evening.

This really is the perfect outfit, as it will take you anywhere and you can add heels in the evening , I just love Aldo at the moment for great lace up shoes are affordable prices.


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