Posted: October 4, 2014 7:54am


I know you have all seen culottes all over the magazines and I have toyed with them for a while. My first pair a navy knee length, were a disaster my lovely husband commented that I looked like I should be behind a counter in John Lewis and he was right, the cut was too fitted and I looked matronly, so they were consigned to ebay.

It was only after seeing a fellow school run mum wearing hers with super high heels and a fit akin to a midi skirt ( yes Karen that is you), that   I felt it was time to take the plunge, as she looked so sophisticated.

I have seen them styled with flats but I really wouldn’t  do this, unless you are of supermodel proportions or really young, ie in your twenties!

They look best  styled with super high heels so keep this in mind before you invest.  You can get away with a kitten heel but a higher heel is better.

The big advantage of culottes, in this indian summer of ours, it that while it is too warm for trousers, a culotte is a great compromise.

I also think the longer version to calf level is a lot easier to wear. Yes you can wear them if you are small just take a tip from VB and match the outfit this add height, wear all black including the heels or all white looks fabulous.




I also think you have to tuck the top in this adds height and stops the look being frumpy.

I have styled it for the school run today and I will share with you some other looks later in the week.

The pair below are from Zara, the  t-shirt  is from Anine Bing, boots are from Reiss, the bag from Dior and necklace by Thomas Donacik at Kohatu & Petros .











We have searched for other options let us know what you think! And share with us any great culottes you have spotted!




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