Posted: March 5, 2018 9:05am

I am not a skincare expert by any stretch but I do know people who are.

I am always happy to share what I pick up as I know it is a minefield out there and I only write about what I buy and use myself. If you haven’t already head to a dermatologist you will save money as they will advise you what you need and go for simplicity.  You can email me if you would like some advise on a London based one.

It’s best to simply this down to must haves and then nice to haves!!

skincare over 40

Over the years I have simplified my daily routine to:

  1. I use Vitamin C serum every morning.  I adore Mesoestetic and it is by far the best Vitamin C I have used.  It is expensive but worth every penny.  I also recommend Flavo C forte which is a lot cheaper, not as potent, but super effective.  It protects your skin from the inside and acts to brighten it dramatically.  I also use a spray during the day to keep my skin hydrated and I adore the Caudalie Beauty Elixir
  2. Evenings I use retinol,  I am using Retriderm as it doesn’t cause any outbreaks (which I did get with other products).  I have also used Skinceuticals Retinol and it is a good place to start
  3. Moisture surge – I adore By Terry Baume de Rose, it adds a glow and I feel my skin needs it after the Vitamin C and Retinol.  If my skin is feeling dry in the evening then I use a night cream like Olay Regenerist Night Recovery
  4. Eye cream – I alternate between mesoestetic collagen 360 and my all time favourite Dermaquest 3D stem cell eye lift
  5. Sunblock – again I adore Heliocare (heavier duty and use when on holiday), Clarins (lighter weight) and I also am trialling Image and will let you know how I get on with it


Everything else is a nice to have.  I am not going to tell you to buy this or that as it really does mean finding the brands that work for you.  If you are confused as I am, Face the Future are an online website which offer a call back facility.

I wasn’t sure which vitamin C to buy and they helped me over the phone.  It’s old school and I love it.  They are independent and want to give you the best advice as they are reliant on you coming back.  Also, as it is over the phone it is easier not to get pressurised, which I tend to get in store.  I felt much more comfortable chatting and all the products I bought have proved to be worth every penny.

I also use a cleanser from DMK for sensitive skin and eye make up remover from Talika and if I get a spot I swear by the Kelkin Spot Zapper.

My advice is to keep it simple and give products at least a month to settle before giving up or switching around.  Next week I will be looking at the nice to haves, including, loads of masks and defoliants.

Please email me with your top tips on products and dermatologists please email on




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