Posted: October 7, 2014 8:15am

I seldom buy  dresses, I always find it so hard to find good ones which are the right length and not tent like or too fitted.

I also have this fear of looking too dressed up I also like a dress to have a bit of an edge, with all those requirements I never seem to find anything I  love.

So I tend not to bother  it is so much easier to buy a coat or shoes!

There are certain situations where a dress just is the right thing to wear and when I see one of friends with a great dress, it reminds me that I should try a bit harder.

One brand which does great dresses is Goat. I have been wearing Goat dresses for years as they come in great colours and I love the heavy crepe material and the flattering cut.

Today I am wearing a red day dress from Goat  with a pair of Chloe boots , I love the way these boots dress down the look so it does not look too office like .  When the weather is colder I would wear discreet fishnet tights . Another great option to the chloe boots are these by Toga Pull, the leapard print ones below are gorgeous.








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The bracelet is from Mihaela Christou, she makes beautiful bespoke pieces at really affordable prices .





I spent a rainy Monday checking for the best options out there and let me know if you find other great options! Click on the images and they are linked to the website.

I have used Farfetch, a great website the allows small boutiques to advertise and a great source of more quirky and interesting pieces.




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