Posted: December 10, 2017 9:21am

I have been having dermaroller treatments for over two years now.  Having dabbled in nearly all related treatments out there this is the only one I stick to, and see real benefits from.  Other than my annual botox (I know that lots of you don’t want to go down this route) rolling is the best option and it’s a natural alternative.

In simple terms; you cause the skin trauma via the needles and, as the skin repairs itself, it produces more collagen, the skin tightens and just looks a hell of a lot juicier!

It doesn’t hurt like as they use anaesthetic.  The numbing  cream is applied to the face first (I do find this the worst bit as the numbing cream does feel awfully strange).  You then need to wait for 20 minutes for the numbing to take and then the treatment can start.


There are loads of places where you can have it done, I go to Be Youtiful and have been a client of theirs for years.

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The clinic retains their clients because all the treatments are bespoke, they take great care of their clients and as owner/managers they see and supervise all the treatments.

They don’t spend thousands on Marketing or PR so they are reliant on their clients coming back, and recommending their friends.  I want skin treatments tailored to me and my individual concerns, and that’s what the salon delivers.

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The  Dermapen is an automated version of the Dermaroller.  The beautician can adjust the needle length on the applicator and as you are pressing down, rather than rolling, it is more accurate.

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It is painless!  It simply feels like a sonic toothbrush being held to your face.

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During the treatment hyaluronic acid (it’s what keeps our skin moist) is patted directly onto the skin, this provides a huge surge of hydration and stimulates collagen production.  As the skin is open, due to the piercing from the needle, it is absorbed more deeply.

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The skin looks very red straight after the treatment but a mask is applied that calms the skin and when you leave you just look like you have had a bit of a cry!  No one noticed at the school gates when I picked up an hour later. You do feel a little tender and the effect of the numbing cream does last for a couple of hours.

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The next day the redness is gone and I typically have a few small red patches that disappear after two days.

At Be Youtiful they also have the Dermalux light which I went under to calm my skin.  If you don’t fancy the Dermapen I would recommend the light treatment as a quick pick me up, it only takes 20 minutes, calms the skin and you look more radiant.

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Skin can be a bit flaky for a few days after so I would book it in a week before any special event or holiday.  I start to see the improvement after about 5 days and it continues over the month.  In the past I have done 3 sessions, twice a year, but now that I am 47 I intend to do it once every month or so.

On the School Run an hour after treatment
On the School Run an hour after treatment

I don’t bother with fancy creams and I would rather spend my money on something that works with my own skin to keep the radiance and plumpness.  Lines are not ageing, it is the pigmentation, sagging and dullness that I detest.

Yes, it is a commitment but you will see a dramatic improvement in your skin.  It is a natural treatment that works with your own body.

I have been a client with BeYoutiful for many years and paid for my own treatments, I tested the Dermapen for them, but going forward, I pay as everyone else does.

The treatments cost £240 this month and the light treatment is £59 in December.  I am featuring the clinic because a lot of places charge double, and it is so hard to find a trustworthy place like this unless you get a recommendation.


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