Posted: February 7, 2017 4:49am

Beware of shopping from Instagram, I have so often rushed onto a site to buy something featuring another blogger, only to realize when it arrives:

  1. It doesn’t suit me or my life style
  2. It might look good in photos but the quality is not up to scratch
  3. I cannot wear it by the time it gets its delivered because every second person is now running around in it!

Now, I take the trend, and make sure that I can fit this into my lifestyle, especially at this time of year when it is so temping to get carried away with the new season emails pinging in all the time.

Lets take the bell sleeve trend, which is all over social media at the moment.  This trend works for me as it is a great way of dressing up a simple pair of jeans.  You can have your pick, these sweaters are everywhere but many of them are very theatrical, a lot of the time the  bell sleeve is in the wrong place or just looks like an after thought.


After looking at loads of sweaters, I came across Hallhuber, the sweaters from this brand fit beautifully and at £59 the price point is fair.  I love that the fabric clings but still does not give me mum tum or that horrible bra line bulge.

The Bell Sleeve Sweater

Before I would have bought a few bell sleeve sweaters and they would all have been OK but now I wait for the perfect piece like the one featured. This sweater also comes in black but I liked this olive colour as it breaks up black so well.

The Bell Sleeve

If you cannot face the bell sleeves and they are a bit of a gimmick then go for the ruffle version from Hallhuber.

I love brands like Hallhuber that are less well known but deliver great quality.  I have hand washed mine and they look just as good afterwards and do not bag or sag with wear.  The weight is also perfect as I am always too warm in most sweaters, but not these ones.

Do your research – wait before you buy and don’t feel like you are missing out because it is ok to be patient and find the best piece for you and  your wardrobe.


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