Posted: February 25, 2015 8:01am


Many of us have experience of divorce and we know what an emotional and financial mine field it can be. However it is likely that not everyone you know has passed unscathed and on that basis I went to meet Laura Rosefield of Rosefield Divorce Consultancy recently. Having supported friends recently through the minefield that is divorce it was someone I wish I had known about earlier.

Originally a criminal barrister Laura experienced a a particularly difficult divorce herself and it was after the years of anguish and wasted money that she realised there was a much needed service which would have helped her immensely. In her own words Laura is a specialist in supporting people through divorce and separation, assisting them to work constructively and cost-effectively with their lawyer, and reducing the overall burden on the individual and other family members. Although she has practiced as a lawyer, she does not give legal advice, but uses her legal experience, knowledge and skills to guide people through the maze of family law and help avoid the pitfalls whether working alongside your own appointed lawyers or her own recommendations.  Not only does she save most of her clients’ money by reducing some of the legal costs all of them say that the emotional support was invaluable.




She would also recommend that if you are seriously considering this major step, meeting with her before doing anything else, to make sure you you make a fully informed decision before you start.


So next time someone asks you if you know a good divorce lawyer I would highly recommend talking to the very warm, approachable Laura as a first step.

Laura Rosefield

Rosefield Divorce Consultancy LLP

020 3282 7168

07771 600 505



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