Posted: January 8, 2022 11:17am

DMK – Enzyme Oxygen Therapy Facial

It’s called the ‘Alien Facial’ due to the hardening effect of the mask and is not for the faint hearted!

I am sure you have probably seen some of the images on the internet, but this is not a gimmick and is one of the the most effective facials I have ever had.

It works to help with acne, rosacea, pigmentation and in my case, age management, as the facial has different ingredients within the facial which are used depending on what is required.

Ana started my facial by cleaning my skin thoroughly and using a light peel to heat up and prep the skin.

Next up she applied a high dose of Vitamin C (20%) as my focus is on skin clarity.

Then the magic happens!  The enzyme mask is applied to your skin; it is botanically based.  The enzymes open up the blood vessels (the so-called plasmatic effect), this opening up of the cells draws oxygen and fresh blood into your cells, and at the same time, flushes away any impurities. The mask tightens quickly and you feel a strange pulsing feeling which is your cells opening up and the circulation increasing by pumping oxygen to your cells.

This surge of oxygen to the cells effectively clears them out and acts to reinvigorate your cells so that they just work better, are plumped up and just healthier.  There is also a tightening effect which I noticed around my eyes and I also noticed that the pigmentation on my chest had reduced.

Without doubt, it is not the most comfortable facial; the mask is tight and is left on for 45 minutes.  It is just a tight feeling but is weirdly satisfying as you can feel your skin being kick started.

DMK - Enzyme Oxygen Therapy Facial

You can see an immediate effect as soon as the mask is removed and you can see your capillaries; thankfully the redness goes down quickly.  It is a strong but not aggressive treatment.

DMK - Enzyme Oxygen Therapy Facial

The result improves over the next few weeks.  I felt my skin looked its best after 10 days; smoother, lifted, the skin tone and much more bouncy.  I have paid for three as there is a cumulative effect as the facial is addressing any sluggishness in my skin, and helping it to function optimally.

I have never looked and felt clearer and I loved that my skin got better day by day.  My skin was a little bit dry on the first couple of days but still felt so much healthier and stronger.

it costs £150 and I went to ANA CLARA BEAUTY who is so knowledgeable ( been using her since my friend Debra introduced us, many many years ago) and really knows her stuff. You can check the DMK website to find a clinic near you.  I paid full price for my treatments.


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