Posted: June 29, 2020 8:52am

I have stopped reading all those beauty blogs.

The whole lingo drives me mad and so many turn something that should be special, and a treat, into a commodity.

Words like ’empties’ and ‘hacks’, not to mention the drive to get us to buy multiple versions of the same kind of product is simply here  to get us to part with our cash.

Dr. Surbhi cured my beauty product shopping addiction and she has saved me so much money.  Products help, but they are not game changers, unlike treatments such as profhilo, tixel or ultraformer.

Reading ‘Ageless Beauty’ by Clemence von Mueffling reminded me of going into my Grandmothers, and later my Mothers room, when I was a child and smelling and trying all her lotions and potions.

They only had a few products in those days, I remember Oil of Ulay in particular, but it felt special.

Nowadays we all have drawers full of products, most of which remain unused and who really understands all the jargon?

There are some great brands which I have gone back to and Clarins is one of them, it has stood the test of time and it still feels special.

The products below are all ones I have bought myself.

Eau Dynamisante shower gel just leaves you feeling so fresh and the Clarins extra rich body lotion always reminds me of summer and works to keep your skin ultra moisturised.

Other products I buy again and again..

The Mesoestetic sun mist is expensive but you can reapply it over make up.

I move to Sesderma C-VIT as it’s just a super powerful product to protect your skin (from the inside) against the sun.  I keep it back for days when my skin could use a lift in the morning.

I have been loyal to IT Cosmetics tinted moisturiser as it includes a factor 50 sunscreen, and is absorbed so quickly.

Skin in Motion has the best mascara which just never runs, regardless of the heat.  Luella also loves the cleansing pads and they have helped remove her blackheads.

Amanda Harrington is my favourite self-tan and it gives the most natural finish, and I have tried every tan on the market.

I think the key is to try and use what you already have and then take the time to find the products that work for you, and to enjoy the journey of finding them.

I know trying products is tricky at the moment with Covid but blogs have made us lazy (  I speak as a reformed beauty junkie) and they are often sponsored and gifted.

Always ask for samples before you buy a full size product, if a brand wont provide it don’t buy it. Also check Ebay or Ebloggers for the freebies the bloggers sell

At the moment, the beauty counters are empty and staff have time on their hands and their drawers are packed with samples, having been closed for so long.

Also I would love to know your favourite products, please email me on , I get my best tips not from blogs but from my readers and friends.

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Hear more about our story Join our mailing list and receive 10% off your first order