Posted: March 12, 2015 7:25am

#mymumandme. Recently I met someone involved with the charity Mothers and Daughters. This is an intergenerational  voluntary group who have raised nearly £3 million for various cancer charities over a period of 16 years. This year they approached Cancer Research UK with an even bigger idea and this is where we need your help.

Instead of the flowers, chocolates, perfume etc you usually buy on Mothers Day, find your favourite photo of you and your mother and then, post or tweet a photograph #mymumandme on Instagram, Facebook (@CR_UK) or Twitter. Then most importantly  text MUM to 70200 to donate £3 to cancer UK research. Its that simple. Make sure you share it with friends and family to get them to do the same.



Luella is a dab hand at applying my lippie






Once you have done that go to to turn the photo into a digital card to maximise your donation (Saves searching for one in the shops too).

My Amazing Mother and I



Luella and her Grandma
Luella and her Grandma


Whether you share it with your mother or you are sharing a great memory here is a very simple way to celebrate your relationship and help beat cancer.


Flashback to the Summer



For more information and inspiration  click here moments





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