Posted: June 27, 2014 10:45am

After months of waiting, we were in the Chiltern Firehouse at last! Thank you to Rebecca for booking. There is a buzz and a ripple of excitement in the restaurant, everyone is there to see and be seen.  Our table was dreadful, stuck in the corner opposite the service area of the kitchen, make sure you specify you don’t want this table when you book. Though they make clear when you do complain, that you cannot book a specific table, somehow don’t really believe that.

The staff were lovely but they don’t make you  feel special, it reminded me of LA where the cult of the celebrity is king. I would eat at the bar, as the food is lovely but tiny portions so not really worth going for dinner.

The cocktails were amazing , the expresso martini is out of this world and up there with the pisco sours at Coya. Despite the average food and service, I will be getting straight on the phone and lining up with the rest of London to beg for a table. The atmosphere is electric and it was one of the best evenings I have had in years. Thank you to Angela, Jemima, Rebecca and Shanaz the dream team.

By the way there were loads of celebrities, but by the far the nicest were Philip Green and Mariella Frostrup.

Dressed to party in a jumpsuit by Alexander Wang, jacket by Dawn Fitzgerald, shoes by Valentino and bag by Donna Karen. If you want to invest in one pair of shoes, buy these Valentino shoes, they are comfortable and go with everything. New stock available at Larizia in St Johns Wood. I will be showcasing more by the lovely Irish Designer Dawn Fitzgerald in a later post.






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