Posted: January 21, 2016 11:14am

I have to be honest… I never leave the house now without some form of make up. I am 45 and my days of going barefaced are well behind me.  Normally I am rushing out in the morning trying to remember all the kids school paraphernalia.

A quick fix is all I need, especially if I am heading to the gym straight after drop off.  Sweating and a full face of make up just don’t work together. On those days where I just want light coverage I have been using Dr Perricone, No Foundation Foundation Serum.

It is a hybrid of serum combined with light coverage. You don’t feel it at all on your skin as it sinks right in, but it does cover enough of my sun damage and veins for me to be comfortable.

Dr Perricones No Make Up Make Up

It also has an SPF 30 and is so light that it doesn’t settle in your lines, it just glides on.

I also love the dropper applicator, as it avoids you using too much.  I use three drops, dab it on my face, and then pat it into my skin – this is what activates the serum. You get an active skin enhancing serum within the make up that works, so I can skip moisturiser if I am in a rush.


2015-11-26 22.39.48You cannot feel the product on your skin, and on days where I have overindulged the night before or am struggling with a cold it is perfect. This would not be enough coverage for me for a night out, but is great for the mornings.

The finish is velvety and not the shiny look you often get with these no make-up products.

Check out the QVC presentation, and you can see it in action. It is where I found it… check out the other reviews for yourself.


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