Posted: May 27, 2017 11:23am

I have been boring you all with my (fairly) constant complaining about the rapid collapse of my jaw line!  I always had a bit of a double chin but one morning I looked in the mirror and the skin under my chin had definitely headed south, and I looked like a sad puppy.

Then, looking around me, I saw so many women with slack jawlines, for me, this is way more of a concern than lines.

JAw line
Was always hiding my jaw line before

At 46 I am not looking for miracles but I don’t want to look perpetually sad !

Step one was to invest in a facial roller.  It does hurt but I spend 5 minutes every night rolling my face.  I am using the facialift from Sarah Chapman and it is waking my facial muscles up.  It helps kick start your circulation and if I have a late night I do it in the morning and it plumps up the skin.  At £28 it is worth buying as it is as near as you can get to an ‘at home’ facial massage.  You have to persevere, I noticed a difference after two weeks.

How to stop a droppy chin
Sarah Chapman Roller

Then I started having a lifting facial every two weeks.  Spa by Car come to me after the kids are in bed and it doesn’t cost any more than going to a salon (which I don’t really have time for, during the day).  This facial has really helped with the lines around my eyes for which no amount of eye cream would compensate.

I have also started using my Nuface at home facial toning devise to supplement the treatment during the week.


Dermaroller is by far the most effective treatment I have tried.  I have had one already and will have another in a few weeks time.  I have also invested in one at home to top up twice a week.  Check out an older post for more details.  I use Comcit at Beyouthiful Retreat, this treatment gets your skin to start producing collagen and reverse the thinning of the skin on your face.

From a skincare perspective I am keeping it simple and using lots of Sunday Riley Vitamin C in the morning and Luna sleeping night oil in the evening, also by Sunday Riley. But any Vitamin C will do.

Sunday Riley

I am trying to limit my botox to once a year and am trying to get my skin to be the best it can be, but I’m not going to overstress about a few lines.Dr Justine Kluk

If you are still confused by it all, my advise is to go see a good dermatologist.  I see Lynette Yong but I interviewed Justine Kluk and she was very well informed and easy to talk to and I felt that she had a no- nonsense approach to skincare. I will be booking in once I get time .

How to get a firmer chin line
Much firmer jaw line

I am happy to answer any questions you may have.  Thank you to Dr Justine Kluk for taking the time out to talk to me and I look forward to sharing lots of her top tips with you over the next weeks.

I bought all the items, creams myself ( full price, no freebies) or sponsorship.

Wishing you all a great weekend !


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